Headless CMS 2.0

Create and deliver headless experiences without losing marketer autonomy – we help brands create, curate, and present content in all forms. 

The future of Headless CMS

Crownpeak has been a Content as a Service solution since its inception – powering headless content lies at the heart of the Digital Experience Platform. Crownpeak takes its headless core and layers additional capabilities designed for enterprises on top to help you maximize effectiveness across your digital presence.

Model your content needs, create content assets from those models, populate content into your assets using any number of WYSIWYG layouts to make sure content fits and looks great, and distribute that content. Optionally, you can even decide which pieces of content get delivered and when, across any device. Move with precision and speed the Crownpeak Headless 2.0 way – building and delivering experiences with the technologies you choose.

Headless CMS Diagram
Headless for marketers

Built with marketers in mind. Create and model content and assemble new experiences that can be consumed anywhere.

  • Adapt content to any endpoint, regardless of how smart it is: Deliver content only, content plus presentation, or componentized content fragments
  • Support multi-language and localization: Harness data models and workflows to natively support translations
  • Employ governance: Utilize headless delivery while maintaining corporate control at a global level
  • Use content as a service without the content silos: Control where content is used and how it is repurposed
  • Edit in context: See how your content will look as you create it. No more reworking of content because it doesn’t fit the space.

Omni Channel Delivery possible with Content Management via Crownpeak
Tech-agnostic, open, and future-proof

Crownpeak gives you the freedom to use your favorite tools and technologies:

  • Leverage JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue
  • Deliver content to native mobile apps
  • Engage on new and emerging channels like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and the Internet of Things
  • Utilize emerging experience models like progressive web apps

Content Editing using chatbot Screenshot
Sophisticated in-context content editing and preview

Marry content with context to create experiences tailored for any channel. Pull content from your repository, then view and make changes to perfect the presentation before it is published.

  • See content presented in the format the end viewer will see
  • Make content, format, and style changes directly in the preview experience
  • Leverage drag and drop and WYSIWYG editing to change presentation, form, and content on the fly
  • Edit content in the situation in which it will be delivered – chatbots, emails, and more
  • Assemble modular blocks of content using drag and drop to create rich, content experiences for any device

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