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Easily comply with global consent laws and safely use third-party technologies

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Get compliant fast and leverage data sharing technologies without the risk

The average enterprise marketing website uses dozens of different third-party technologies. While they can help marketers improve the experience for users and increase conversion rates, they can also introduce risk.

Crownpeak’s Digital Governance Suite provides the tools you need to gain visibility, control, and consent of your technology landscape. Removing complexity and risk means you can move faster and improve the performance of your site.

Consent Solutions by Crownpeak Online Tracker and Tag Auditor
Gain full visibility into your tags

Martech and adtech are built on tags, or snippets of data-collecting code. Each tag you add to your site can include hidden tags from other technologies, creating an unauthorized chain of data sharing. If left unmanaged, tags can create latency issues, data leakage, compromised site security, and privacy breaches.

Tag Auditor with Trackermap gives marketers full visibility into every tag on their site that has access to their user’s data, including hidden piggyback tags. Armed with this information, organizations can easily improve site performance and security.

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“Before we implemented Tag Auditor, our page performance was crazy. With Tag Auditor, we’ve realized above-the-fold page load improvements of up to 150%. It’s been a huge improvement” - Interactive Manager

Crownpeak Tag Control Management displayed on a computer monitor
Protect your site with a single click

Traditional tag managers only interact with third-party tags and cannot affect data transfer farther down the tag chain. This limitation forces marketers to introduce unknown security and compliance risk every time they need to deploy new marketing technology.

TagControl gives you the ability to prevent data access to unapproved tags in a single click. Marketers can continue to generate leads and drive conversions; IT can rest easy knowing that the site is protected.

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GDPR Universal Consent Overview Dashboard on laptop
Quickly get - and stay - compliant with changing global privacy laws

With the introduction of GDPR, CCPA, and other global privacy laws, collecting and sharing your visitors’ data without their knowledge or consent can lead to heavy fines.

Universal Consent Platform makes compliance with privacy laws stress-free. Any martech or adtech vendors that collect user data on a site are automatically added to consent notices, saving hours of manual work updating privacy policies and ensuring you can legally use the data collected. With extensive customization features, UCP enables you to deliver on-brand, localized privacy experiences to your audience.

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Sample of detailed vendor listing provided by Universal Consent Platform
Take advantage of Crownpeak’s industry-leading vendor database

Tag Auditor, TagControl, and Universal Consent Platform are all powered by our comprehensive vendor database. In-depth profiles of over 6,000 martech and adtech vendors enable your organization to skip the painful, time-consuming process of matching tags to vendors and researching their data practices.

Your website visitors can see the same vendor profiles within your consent notices, providing easy-to-understand information to inform their privacy decisions and ultimately increasing trust and consent rates.  

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