Create privacy experiences that comply with global privacy laws and build trust with your audience.

Build engaging, compliant experiences

Privacy regulations like CCPA, ePrivacy, and GDPR continue to grow in number, while data misuse and a lack of transparency have led to a decline in consumer trust. The result for digital marketers can be a feeling of never-ending obstacles.

Privacy UX is a new way to approach privacy. By incorporating customer experience best practices and human-centered design into the privacy experience, you can meet customer expectations, build trust, and strengthen customer lifetime all while remaining compliant with global privacy laws.

Crownpeak supports brands looking for a unified solution to comply with global privacy laws and deliver superior experiences for their users with the following solutions:

GDPR Universal Consent Overview Dashboard on laptop
Universal Consent Platform

Create consent experiences for your website that comply with the consent requirements of the GDPR, CCPA, and other global privacy laws through a single unified platform.

With flexible and granular controls, you can create optimized consent experiences that build trust with your audience and fit seamlessly into your overall web and customer experience.

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Crownpeak AppNotice displayed three different ways on three different phones
Ad Notice

Give your audience transparency and control over the ads they are served with Ad Notice, a turnkey solution for compliance with the AdChoices program.

By providing consumers with more information and control over how their data is used for interest-based advertising, you can build trust in your data practices and your overall brand.

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Digital Governance Suite Cover
Digital Governance Suite

Martech and adtech help you improve the performance of your site, but without the proper governance they can create latency issues, privacy and compliance risks, and a poor user experience for your visitors.

Crownpeak’s Digital Governance Suite brings together tag management and consent management to help you leverage martech without the risk. Deliver a great customer experience and improve the performance of your site with confidence.

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