Improve your social skills

Manage all your social media accounts from the same platform you use to manage your website

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Easily publish content to your social channels from one platform

Create your content once and leverage it across all your digital experiences by simply selecting the appropriate channel where you want it published.

Write a blog post for your website, and quickly deploy it to your social channels. Create a post for Facebook, now publish it to your blog. Add a photo to your website, now share it on Instagram. All without ever leaving the Crownpeak Digital Experience Management platform.

  • Integrate your social accounts with Crownpeak DXM for a 360-degree view of all your digital customer interactions.
  • Create new content or deploy existing content to any or all of your social media touchpoints within the content authoring platform.
  • Access campaigns, images, text, and video from one centralized repository and share it selectively.
  • Efficiently project a consistent image across all branded social digital experiences by reusing the same assets for different channels.
  • Set up workflows to ensure content is approved before it is posted.

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Listen better

See how users react to your content across the social sphere.

  • Get real-time insights to measure which content your customers respond to on each platform
  • Employ dashboard widgets that can be used to monitor your overall social footprint down to details like the number of likes, shares, retweets, reposts and more.
  • Monitor your social media analytics in conjunction with your other digital experience initiatives to gain further insights into customer behavior.
  • Tightly integrate with Komfo or any other social media monitoring & distribution platform to deliver more personalized experiences.
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Interact more

Join conversations with your customers across platforms

  • Conduct your social interactions from the same platform you use to control the full suite of your digital experiences.
  • Respond to comments, questions and points raised by the community within minutes without switching platforms.
  • Schedule content to automatically post at the time you choose based on local time zones.
  • Configure your settings to receive alerts when customers respond to posts.
  • Facilitate efficient cross-platform storytelling.
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2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management
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