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Enhance digital customer experiences and generate conversions using personalization, targeting, testing and analytics with Digital Experience Management.

Show me how

Be relevant

Deliver relevant content across all your digital customer experiences

Validate and deliver engaging, custom experiences to your site visitors with Crownpeak’s Web Content Optimizer (WCO)

  • Deliver targeted messages, content and offers to users based on parameters you set directly in the platform.
  • Dynamically serve the right content to the right audience—on the right device, at the right time.
  • Create and edit intuitively with simple business rules or complex data-driven criteria.
  • Target users based on ambient, behavioral, form or 3rd-party data.

Laptop Crownpeak Platform
Lab Test Tubes

Test, tweak, run

Create and deploy different sets of creative to see which one performs better

  • Quickly craft A/B tests directly from the page editor.
  • Try out permutations of your banners, layout, call-to-action, content presentation, images or look and feel to see what generates the highest conversions.
  • Test parts of a page, multiple parts of a page, or test a full page.
  • Preview variants to simulate what experience will look like before you pull the trigger.
  • Allocate the desired percentage of time you want each variant to be delivered.
  • View detailed reporting on how many times each campaign was viewed and how effective it was at achieving a predetermined goal of a click or form submission.
  • Easily identify the winning creative and deploy to one site or hundreds of digital touchpoints.
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What a view

View all your analytics data in one place.

Crownpeak’s customizable dashboard provides insight into your marketing content and performance.

  • Get a unified view of marketing content performance and customer engagement.
  • Manage content and run analytics in the same interface for continuous improvement.
  • Flexible widgets to include any metric, content or data source.
  • Multiple customizable, personalized dashboards for every user.
  • Integrates with all major analytics platforms.
Recognized as a Visionary
2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management
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