A fully-managed SaaS hosting platform and then some

Lighten your datacenter load with multi-platform supported managed hosting, protected by top-notch cyber security protocols

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The host with the most

Leave the configuration, administration, and maintenance to us

With our fully-managed SaaS platform hosting as part of our standard base subscription, there is no software or infrastructure to buy or set up and no need to worry about performance, capacity management, data type mappings or formatting conversions.

Technology stack cloud hosting

More for less

Additional options to save you money

Crownpeak also offers additional Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting options to further enhance your digital experiences.

  • Fully managed service by Crownpeak (maintenance, 24/7/365 monitoring, updates, and backups included)
  • Highly available (SLA-Guaranteed Uptime 99.9%, with continuous replication for redundancy at each tier)
  • Choose from multiple operating systems, platform & framework options
  • Deployment options for many AWS Regions around the globe
  • Disaster Recovery add-on option available (through redundant replication of hosting services to a second AWS Region)


To enable the development of data-rich, dynamic enterprise websites, Crownpeak offers database hosting delivered as a managed service (Database-as-a-Service).

  • Power the distribution of data-driven components (i.e. charts, graphs, etc.), dynamic content, and gated content
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL
  • No need for customer configuration, administration, or maintenance

Application server hosting

Build dynamic full-stack web applications to meet any need

When paired with a Crownpeak-hosted Database-as-a-Service, our application server hosting enables enterprises to implement database-driven, heavy-duty custom applications that can process complex business logic to power Crownpeak digital experiences.

  • Support for any technology (e.g. .NET, J2EE, PHP, Node etc).
  • Remove heavy processing workload from web hosting tier.
Cyber security against DDoS attack tape

Advanced Web Hosting

A Vital Layer of Defense

All enterprises now face a growing risk of being targeted by an ever increasing range of evolving cyber assault techniques such as Layer 3/4 (network layer) volumetric attacks, Layer 7 (application layer) attacks, vulnerability exploitation and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, 

Crownpeak's Advanced Web Hosting service provides an intelligent, defensive and scalable perimeter that can be applied to any site or application to offer instant protection. Our managed Web Application Firewall service (WAF) provides application-level (Layer 7 - HTTP) protection that continually analyzes your site and application traffic for a range of threats, from Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection (SQLi) attempts, through to HTTP Flood (DDoS) detection and mitigation. The WAF actively blocks traffic from a range of recognised sources of cyber-crime and automated spam, helping keep your sites safe from a range of attacks, vulnerability exploits and spam.

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