Dramatically change the user experience

Help visitors discover what they’re looking for with Crownpeak’s proprietary search functionality designed to deliver the content users want most at the precise time they want it.

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Over-engineered in the best possible way

Produces results so accurate you’ll begin to believe in the supernatural.

  • Make content suggestions based on user behavior criteria you define.
  • Index any website or collection of documents whether or not they are managed by Crownpeak.
  • Control search results and display by relevance and date, or even weigh searches to display desired content on the top.
  • Automatically display related content based on user behavior.
  • Utilize faceted search results, type-ahead search, tag cloud search and synonym search for commonly misspelled words.
  • Harness the power of geospatial searching to let your customers find their nearest outlet, broker or office.
  • Use our enhanced search security to allow customers to search gated content.

Human brain

The particulars

The industry’s most advanced search solution includes:

  • Forced results
  • Show related articles
  • Embedded search
  • Targeted / personalized results
  • Multi-site search
  • Section & category search
  • Customized results
  • In-context results
  • Alternate spelling suggestions for over 50 languages
  • Full text search within files & documents
  • Multiple results formats (e.g.: XML, RSS-formatted XML, HTML, JSON, etc.)
  • Index password-protected sites
  • Security management and permission-driven results
  • Regular crawling
  • Realtime indexing of CMS content
  • Index multiple domains
  • High speed (relevant results in sub-second times)
  • Meta data creation and query