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Intuitive tools for building privacy experiences and managing consent and preferences

GDPR Get Compliant Fast
1. Comply

Add GDPR and CCPA compliant notices to your site in under 7 days, no code required:

  • Go live on day one with no code and low code implementation options
  • Leverage best practice presets built for specific privacy laws like CCPA and GDPR
  • Use templates to speed up notice creation and apply changes across your digital presence

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2. Customize

Tailor notices to match your brand and improve consent rates by providing higher-quality privacy experiences:

  • Easily change the look and feel of your notices with WYSIWYG controls and simple CSS
  • Make changes to individual notices, or many at a time by leveraging templates
  • Personalize by language, location, device, and more

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3. Optimize

Build trust and maximize collection of consumer data using advanced optimization tools. Easily adapt your program to remain compliant with evolving global privacy laws.

  • Review consent dashboards and reports to analyze consent rates
  • Test new messaging or designs with our consent optimization tool
  • Cater to individual markets with geolocation and language auto-detection  
  • Prevent data security risks and improve website performance with tag governance

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Get cookie & consent compliant
With easy-to-use templates, get compliant with the GDPR, CCPA and other privacy regulations in fewer than 7 days
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Get Compliant Quickly and Easily

Implementing Crownpeak’s Universal Consent Platform (UCP) onto your website is as simple as adding a single tag and can be done as soon as you have access to the platform.

Best practice templates for specific privacy laws make getting started easy. Plus, each customer is assigned a dedicated customer success manager to help you every step of the way, from setting up your first notice to complying with any new global privacy regulations.

Universal Consent Platform for Enterprises

In addition to our market-leading consent solution, UCP for enterprises provides deep insights and unparalleled control over data sharing technologies on your websites. It lets you see every technology on your site, who they work with, and how they collect and share data in real time, then lets you turn those technologies off and on with a single click. Finally, it uses those insights and decisions to ensure your consent notices are always up to date and populated with the correct technologies, so you can be confident that you are always compliant. 

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Gain the Highest Level of Compliance Available

The Universal Consent Platform populates privacy notices with site visitor data gathered in real-time. This means that your notices are always up to date, even if you or one of your technology partners changes how they handle and share third-party data. In addition, the platform is:

  • Made for global enterprises and supports compliance with all global consent laws – present and future.
  • Powered by the world’s largest managed vendor database giving your users the information they need to make informed consent decisions, as mandated by the GDPR.

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Crownpeak customers:

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Universal Consent Solution Crownpeak
Privacy UX: Turn Obligation into Opportunity

We believe that when executed well, complying with the GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) consent requirement is an opportunity for brands to build more enduring relationships with customers as much as it is an obligation. By providing transparency to users about who has access to their data, what it's being used for, and providing direct avenues to change their preferences or make requests, companies have the ability to redefine the customer relationship.  

Learn more about Privacy UX
Universal Consent Platform Product Highlights:

  • Unified consent solution: One platform that enables compliance with the consent portion of the GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, PIPEDA, CCPA, and more.
  • Customizable look and feel: Easily customize your banners to match brand colors, fonts, and standards. Our research shows consent rates increase an average of 42% when they match the style of the web experience.
  • Consent type options: Create notices based on the type of consent you need to collect, including prior consent, opt-in, opt-out, or custom options based on your organization’s legal guidance.
  • Granular consent options: Allow customers to control and update consent options at the individual vendor or category level, giving them more control over their data. 
  • Persistent banner: A persistent notice that sits on your site and informs users of the use of data collection, and provides easy access to your privacy policy and consent preferences.
  • Robust language support: Crownpeak technology dynamically recognizes a user’s preferred language and displays the appropriate notice. We offer support for more than 50 languages worldwide, ensuring global coverage for enterprise customers.
  • Data subject access requests: Allows users to request access to their personal data and exercise their rights to erasure of data. The type of data rights request can be specified, and email alerts can be activated to ensure your organization is managing the request in the required timeframe.
  • IAB Framework: Comply with the IAB EU Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF).
  • Reporting and dashboards: Download reports of individual consent actions which can be used to meet GDPR requirements. View and filter consent dashboards to understand consent over time.

How Our Solution Compares

Feature/Benefit Crownpeak Universal Consent Platform Other Consent Management Platforms
Automated list of all third-party profiling on your website, providing transparency to website visitors Yes Limited. Only detects and manages cookie-based technologies 
Real-time scanning for all first- and third-party technologies on your site, based on real user sessions Yes No
User consent preferences that are managed and stored, ensuring all JavaScript tags don't fire without consent Yes Limited. Only detects and manages cookie-based technologies
6,000+ vendor database provides insights into every vendor's data collection and data handling practices Yes No
Customizable banners that can be changed to match brand look and feel Yes Limited
Dedicated customer success manager for every account Yes No
Consent rate optimization tools and dashboard to help you increase your consent rates over time Yes No

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