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Turn obligation into opportunity

The GDPR is an opportunity to build more enduring relationships with customers

We believe that when executed well, complying with the GDPR consent requirement is an opportunity as much as it is an obligation. By providing transparency to users about who has access to their data, what it's being used for, and providing direct avenues to change their preferences or make requests, companies have the ability to redefine the customer relationship.  

Content on multiple platforms

Get compliant fast

Tasteful, customizable templates that uphold the user experience

In most cases, to collect user data under the GDPR you need to get unambiguous consent from your website and application users. Our patented technology provides you with subtle but effective banners across your site that remain until the user has given their permission, while still preserving your site's functionality.

Our patented solution provides a comprehensive list of every tracking technology firing on your site and grants users granular control over which vendors are able to monitor their behavior and use their data.

Among a long list of rights appropriated by the GDPR, users can request access to personal data you've collected about them, inquire about how you're using it, and have their information purged from your database. Included within our suite of tools are easy-to-build forms with built-in routing options so submissions can be immediately logged and addressed by your designated team members. 


What's included
Everything you need to comply with the GDPR consent requirement

Our GDPR Consent Solution can be implemented across all your websites and apps in just a couple of hours. Choose from standard designed templates or customize one to fit your organization's messaging needs.  

Website Banner
Persistent Banners

Desktop, mobile and in-app banners across your site make it possible for customers to opt-in at any time.

Lock Pad Protection
Privacy Protection

Protects your organization from hefty legal fines by ensuring non-essential tags never fire unless the user has given explicit consent. 

Checkmark Double Circle
Notice and Consent Gateway

Provides a customizable template with your company's privacy policy and lets visitors update their preferences whenever they choose.

Form asset
Personal Data Rights Request Forms

Provides users with an easy, direct route to contact the appropriate resource with inquiries about their data under the rights granted by the GDPR.

Law gavel
Legally Mandated Disclosures

Clearly informs users of all first and third-party data collection activity on your site and provides opt-in or out controls on a granular level. 

Learn about the GDPR

Who does the GDPR apply to and what does it require? Watch this video to find out:

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