Give audiences transparency and control over the ads they're served

The industry standard, patent-protected solution for getting compliant with the AdChoices program

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Ad Notice Displayed on Three Devices Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile Phone
Comply with the AdChoices Program

Today's customers know that their online behavior is being tracked, and they're becoming increasingly skeptical of how their data is being used. Our patented Ad Notice technology gives brands an opportunity to show respect to their users by being transparent about how the data they collect is used to inform ads, so they can make informed decisions about their preferences. 

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Highlighted Features

  • Compliant: A turnkey solution for participating in the AdChoices program
  • Support for Any Channel: Works on websites, mobile, mobile apps, videos and social
  • Customizable: Create versions for any country or language that represent your brand guidelines
  • Largest Opt-out Database: One tag covers every exchange, network, and ad server
  • Robust Reporting: Capture metrics on impressions, opt-outs, and more

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