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stewart maurer headshot Posted by Stewart Maurer February 21, 2018

Looking Forward to Meeting You at Empower London 2018!

In just less than two months, I’ll be on a plane to London headed to my favorite event, Empower, our bi-annual user conference. I start to get pumped about the event usually around this time, as I see the agenda coming together and customers begin registering.

As the head of marketing at Crownpeak, Empower is an invaluable opportunity for me to spend time getting to know our customers in a relaxed environment where everyone is eager to learn from each other. Although our user conference attracts a broad swath of roles, they are by and large marketers with similar challenges. My primary goal is to learn about their experiences with our products, but I especially enjoy it when we get deep into topics like personalization and social media. After every event, I always come home to my marketing team with two or three new ideas we implement.

As we put the final touches on the programming for this daylong event, I’m excited to give you a sneak peak of the activities and workshops we have planned.

This year’s theme is focused on the changing landscape of digital governance, and what challenges that brings in light of the forthcoming GDPR. Similar to last year, our event will consist of presentations, affinity group discussions, and feedback opportunities.

Stew Presenting Empower 2017
That’s me presenting at last year’s event

In addition to networking over cocktails and appetizers with other enterprise companies, you’ll hear about the latest product features across the Crownpeak portfolio and how to optimize them to meet your most challenging digital marketing objectives.

Besides having loads of fun for a weekday, we promise you’ll return from the event a savvier Crownpeak user. That’s because the Crownpeak platform has so many different features and shortcuts, we’ve found that the best way to benefit from them is hearing how others utilize our solutions. So this year, there will be more opportunities for users to share their stories on how they’re successfully building, managing and deploying digital experiences. We’ll also be offering one-on-one time with product specialists who will personally teach you anything you’d like to learn.

Fahd Presenting Empower 2017

Thanks to a variety of topical presentations from subject matter experts, you’ll also leave with a deeper understanding of the GDPR and the role a digital governance program can play in helping you produce more effective content, manage accessibility, and strengthen your brand.

Scheduled for Tuesday, April 17th, 2018, this year’s location, OXO2, overlooks the Thames River and has a modern industrial vibe ideal for cultivating creative, out-of-the-box discussions. Trust us when we say you’ll want to spend the entire day sharing best practices with your colleagues, professional peers, and the Crownpeak team.

OXO2 Venue Overlooking Thames River
This year’s venue, overlooking the Thames River

Participate in an Affinity Group

At the beginning of the day, users will sign up and be divided into different subtopics that relate to the event’s digital governance theme. You can expect topics such as: Accountability & Compliance, Reliability & Security, and Reporting. Discussions on user issues, approaches, and solutions will be facilitated by subject matter experts, and towards the end of the discussions, you’ll get insight into Crownpeak recommended solutions.

Crownpeak Affinity Groups
Last year’s Affinity Groups

Join a Sticky Session

Due to popular demand, we’ll be bringing back “The Sticky Session” as well, introduced last year. Developed to generate spontaneous feedback throughout the day, it’s a lively way to share what we’re doing and get input from our most important audience – you! Every table will have a set of pens and sticky notes, and a designated a wall where they can be posted. We’ve gathered some great questions and product suggestions using this format.

Help Evolve the Crownpeak Product Roadmap

In addition to presentations and discussions, expect to have ample opportunities to speak directly with Crownpeak team members like myself, our new Chief Customer Officer, and others on our executive team. I encourage you to ask questions and recommend any new features or updates you’d like to see added to Crownpeak’s new and evolving technologies.

Earn Prizes, Get Swag

New this year, we’re adding gamification to the event, so you’ll get a chance to win cool prizes and earn dap by participating. Starting with your registration, you’ll get your first points. Post on social media about the event? Cha-ching, more points. The best part? Everyone’s a winner because all attendees will walk away with some sweet Crownpeak swag.

Last year, over 50 users joined us, representing 30 companies. This year we’re expecting for another great group of executives, managers and practitioners coming together for a day of collaboration. I personally hope to see you there!