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Crownpeak Content Xcelerator
Crownpeak Content Xcelerator is a tool designed to export and re-import content out of and back into DXM CMS Instances.

At Crownpeak, we have always needed to perform maintenance operations on a customers' content - this is all part of the service. Historically, this was manual talk - brittle and troublesome, but acceptable with caution.

Around a year ago, we re-constructed our demonstration experience, to give birth to Surety, a fictional Insurance Company. The Surety website allows us to showcase much of the Crownpeak capabilities, across all products, in a single location. However, what caused us a bit of a headache was how to deploy multiple versions of Surety across customer, prospect, Sandbox, Engineering, Support & Customer Success DXM Instances - and then do it all again when a new version of Surety was released (every one-to-two-months).

The answer - to build an export and import tool. Crownpeak already had all of the plumbing that we needed, with RESTful APIs to perform CRUD operations against content - we just needed to bring it all together.

Welcome, Crownpeak Digital Experience Management (DXM) Content Xcelerator℠ - a tool designed to export and re-import content out of and back into DXM CMS Instances.

Content Xcelerator℠ is built as a Microsoft Windows Forms Application, in a wizard-style, to guide a DXM Administrator through the process of exporting Assets, Templates, Library Files, Personalization, Publishing Packages & Properties and Workflows into an intermediary XML format (the "manifest"). Content Xcelerator℠ can then be used to re-deploy the same manifest into a different path within the same or separate DXM Instance - allowing the rapid-provisioning of cloned content within DXM.