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Get GDPR compliant
GDPR Consent Solution

Our GDPR Consent Solution, powered by patented technology, is designed to help enterprise organizations comply with the web consent requirement of the GDPR quickly and painlessly. Easily add pre-built banners to your website that inform users of all first and third-parties with access to their behavioral data and give them control over their privacy settings for each one. 

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Protect the Privacy of Your Visitors
Tag Auditor with Trackermap

Establishing trust with your audience is key to winning and keeping new customers. In the digital age, that requires closely governing the data of your website visitors and app users and being transparent about how their data is being used. The challenge is, most organizations don't actually know exactly what's being tracked. Their marketing departments have enabled tools to help them run more targeted campaigns, but how they actually work is often a mystery.

Tag Auditor with Trackermap provides you with visibility into every vendor that's tracking the visitors on your website (including those you haven't authorized directly) so you can clean house, improve your marketing ops, tighten security, and build deeper trust with your customers. 

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Automate Error Detection Across Your Websites
Digital Quality Management

From broken links and misspelled words, to incorrect logos and outdated assets, our Digital Quality Management solution crawls your entire website and reports on every error it finds to ensure you're complying with web accessibility regulations, SEO best practices, your own brand standards, and more. Use it before you publish a page to ensure your content is compliant, or set it to regularly scan your website and report on issues across thousands of pages.

How to Improve the Your Content Using Digital Quality Management

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“If you’re a busy web editor managing an in-country site, Digital Quality Management is a great tool to assist you. It helps make sure you’re compliant, meeting best practices and achieving the same results locally as your global counterparts.”

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