How to Increase Online Revenue with Critical Path Monitoring

Improve the user experience and increase conversion rates along the customer journey through the highest-value pages of your website

Use Marketing Tags Effectively and Efficiently

Critical Path Monitoring Increase Revenue

Today’s companies have an average of 75 vendor technologies enabled on their websites. While these technologies are critical to running more effective campaigns, measuring outcomes, and targeting audiences, they bring a host of unforeseen issues with them.

From higher bounce rates to increased shopping cart abandonment, they can jeopardize the user experience and threaten online revenue opportunities. In this eBook, we’ll discuss how Critical Path Monitoring can make an immediate difference to your bottom line by identifying areas of the digital supply chain that could benefit from optimization.

You’ll learn:

  • How adding too many tags to your website can undermine the user experience, lead to poor page performance, and negatively impact revenue
  • Ways to ensure your tags are acting as they are expected and delivering maximum value
  • How inadequate control over tags can cost your business money and how automated oversight can help
  • Best practices for optimizing tags on your website and mobile apps to boost revenue