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With over 22% of the Top 50 EU Retailers and 36% of the Top 25 UK Retailers powered by Crownpeak, we know a thing or two about how to drive growth in conversion and average order values.

Our audits are here to help. Whether it's to ensure you are following best practices or to highlight areas you can innovate, regardless of you being an established enterprise or the next big thing!

In the face of challenging times for merchandising, our site audit offers a fresh perspective on key areas of improvement and growth opportunities.

When you request an audit, one of our experienced consultants will assess your site’s health for best practices and revenue opportunities relating to product discovery. The audit assesses:

• Your onsite search and how relevant your results are
• The discoverability of your products,
• Your merchandising strategies are supporting browsing and engagement
• How personalized your recommendations are to convert shoppers with higher basket values.

Our audits will show real examples from your site, proof points, a suggested list of priority areas and estimated growth values to help you build a plan and kick trading off with a bang!

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