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How Crownpeak’s Solution Helped Prudential


The Challenge

In late 2012, General Motors announced that the company was going to work with Prudential to take over management of its pension obligation to GM retirees. The Prudential marketing team had only weeks to execute the design and implementation of the new digital experience for GM and its retirees. The new experience had to support both desktop and mobile users and integrate seamlessly with the existing IT infrastructure.

The Solution

Prudential chose Crownpeak because it was the only platform that would allow them to meet all their business requirements in the constrained timeline. The key factors that contributed to the decision to partner with Crownpeak were:

  • Native Mobile Publishing: Prudential’s research indicated that the retirees would be accessing their information from mobile devices, so they chose a “mobile first” design. Crownpeak allowed them to not only execute a responsive mobile experience but to enhance it for specific devices.
  • Content Targeting: Prudential wanted to be able to customize the GM Retiree experience based on what they knew about each retiree. Crownpeak offered the ability to deliver personalized and relevant content to individual retirees. In addition it allowed Prudential to test and target specific content so they could continue to improve the web experience.
  • SaaS (software-as-a-service): Prudential believed a native SaaS platform would allow them to launch the site more quickly than an on-premise solution . This assumption was validated as Crownpeak did not require heavy IT involvement and Prudential was able to launch on time, despite Hurricane Sandy hitting during the middle of the launch and crippling many of the local on-premise systems.

The Benefits

Using Crownpeak helped Prudential transform their marketing organization into one that is more focused on user experience, personalized content, navigation simplicity and information architecture to better meet market demands.

Subsequent to the GM launch they have refined the process so that they can launch sites for other clients in only a few days. Along with the rapid launch of digital experiences, Prudential also developed a content library that they are able to leverage across multiple digital touch points. This capability helps save time, money and reduces the risk of deploying bad content.

“Crownpeak’s expertise with native mobile publishing was very attractive. Mobile is in their DNA. They helped us understand what we should be doing with mobile rather than what we could do with it.”

Eric Feige | VP, Digital Strategy | Prudential