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Oppenheimer is a leading investment bank and full-service investment firm.

When one of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions needed a web content management solution that would give marketing control over their digital presence, they chose Crownpeak.

Increase in traffic

Oppenheimer experienced a significant traffic increase following launch of new site.

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Improved efficiency

Publishing time for approved content was reduced from 7 to 10 days to only 4 hours.

Reduction in IT support

Marketing now makes daily updates to the site with no reliance on other departments.

How Crownpeak’s Solution Helped Oppenheimer & Co


Oppenheimer & Co. is an investment bank and full-service investment firm that provides financial services and advice to high net worth investors, businesses and individuals.

The challenge

Publishing new content to the Oppenheimer website was a lengthy process that took anywhere from 7 to 10 days. Even small edits were a hassle. Marketing had to rely on IT for all changes and updates to the website, instead of handling it themselves.

They also didn’t have the ability to track and gain insights from site performance, traffic and usage, which limited their visibility into the effectiveness of their marketing, as well as other issues.

The solution

To better manage the number of updates regularly needed for the Oppenheimer website as well as the quality of those updates, Oppenheimer wanted a platform that would give their marketing team control over creating and publishing content.

Following the website’s launch on Crownpeak, the Oppenheimer team needed less than 40 hours of training to get up to speed, further reinforcing that Crownpeak was the right choice.

The benefits 

  • Increase in site traffic of 25% since launch
  • Publishing time for approved content was reduced from 7-10 days to 4 hours
  • IT support for site updates was reduced by over 90%, allowing marketing to make daily/weekly updates