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Crownpeak selected for pure-play SaaS model, AWS hosting, security, and scalability 

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AWS hosting provides 99.99% SLA-guaranteed availability

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Best-in-class security and data protection at every level of the technology stack

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SaaS delivery supports service scalability without escalating costs

How Crownpeak’s Solution Helped Healthgrades

The Challenge:

Healthgrades is a consumer healthcare brand dedicated to empowering stronger and more meaningful connections between patients and their healthcare providers. They already had a strong reputation in the healthcare industry as a leading provider of online patient experience solutions, but their legacy platform was preventing them from evolving into the next phase of digital experience delivery.

They sought a technology partner to provide enhanced CMS capabilities for their Consumer Experience Platform and to future-proof its delivery. In addition, because of Healthgrades’ involvement in helping top healthcare brands manage sensitive online customer data, security was paramount. They needed a solution that met the stringent privacy and security requirements of the healthcare sector and that had been vetted by other companies operating in highly regulated industries. 

The Solution:

After evaluating several different partnership options, Healthgrades chose Crownpeak because of its SaaS model, industry-leading managed AWS service, security certifications, and scalability.

Using Crownpeak Digital Experience Management (DXM) in conjunction with Crownpeak’s managed AWS hosting solution, Healthgrades relaunched the web content management component of their Consumer Experience Platform. The new platform enables hospitals to manage websites, launch landing pages, micro sites, and mobiles sites, and deploy personalized web experiences with no coding required. 

“There were several differentiators that drew us to Crownpeak, including their existing customer base made up of leading financial Fortune 500 companies. But most of all, we were impressed by their status as an Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner” -Sean Brasher, Sr Director Web Technology 

Also important to Healthgrades was Crownpeak’s native SaaS heritage, which meant they’d always be on the latest version of software, with access to new features as soon as they became available and no service downtime for their client organizations.

Powered by AWS, Crownpeak’s advanced CMS capabilities, SaaS model, and best-in-class security, Healthgrades’ Consumer Experience Platform supports leading healthcare brands to deliver high-performing multichannel websites, deliver extraordinary customer experiences, and build patient loyalty.

In addition to leveraging Crownpeak DXM to provision their client services, Healthgrades recently migrated their own corporate website to Crownpeak DXM. 

The Benefits:

Unparalleled Security

Healthgrades operate in a highly regulated sector, with data governed by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). It was critical that the solution provide robust protection for their clients’ sensitive customer data and business-critical operations.

Crownpeak’s DXM platform meets the highest industry standards for the security and regulatory compliance, and system and data security protections are applied at all layers of the technology stack. Crownpeak have built their reputation on security and maintain a comprehensive bank of audits and certifcations, making them a preferred provider for companies in regulated industries, a key consideration in Healthgrades’ vendor selection process.

In addition, Healthgrades chose Crownpeak's Advanced Cybersecurity and Edge Protection service, which offers additional layers of security protection, for its solution delivery. The service leverages AWS’ premier enterprise infrastructure and APIs to handle security, cyber threats scalability, and fault tolerance.

Because Crownpeak is an Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner, Healthgrades benefits from their unrivaled domain expertise in managing the hosting environment. The service is configured and monitored by the Crownpeak team, who stay ahead of emerging threats by harnessing collective intelligence to evolve defense tactics in real-time and make adjustments as needed. Because the solution is fully managed it reduces the load on the Healthgrades IT team and gives them peace of mind that they meet and exceed regulatory requirements and are fully defended against attacks. 

99.99% Guaranteed Availability and Resiliency

Crownpeak’s ability to offer Healthgrades’ customers 99.99% SLA-guaranteed up time through its Advanced hosting service was another major differentiator in their search for a technology partner. Healthgrades supports over 1,500 healthcare organizations and needed a highly stable and reliable environment to scale their platform services. 

Crownpeak’s AWS hosting solution was provided in pods comprising two identical web servers, and an AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) to even out server load and mitigate unexpected downtime. An additional disaster recovery pod provides additional resiliency for a bullet-proof implementation. 

Future-Proof SaaS Architecture

SaaS was a core requirement in the vendor selection process as Healthgrades were keen to free themselves from the costs and technical overheads of manual upgrades.

Healthgrades understood that just because a solution is deployed via the cloud, it doesn’t mean it’s SaaS. “With cloud-based solutions, the platform is still running in a data center somewhere, so when it’s time to upgrade to a newer version, we knew the hassle and expense would fall on us,” explains Sean Brasher. “Because our customers rely on our expertise to get their websites deployed quickly, we couldn’t risk that manual upgrades would slow us down. Because Crownpeak DXM is a native SaaS solution upgrades are automatic, so our customers are always on the latest version.” 

Flexibility and Scalability

Crownpeak DXM affords the flexibility of a fully decoupled architecture and provides an API to allow all platform features to be automated. This enables Healthgrades to seamlessly push out central updates and changes to each client’s individual CMS. Because Crownpeak is hosted on AWS it is always simple to add additional capacity as the client-base grows and to meet individual customer needs. 

“Everyone knows that Amazon has built their reputation on their security and data protection practices, so when we learned that Crownpeak’s platform was hosted with Amazon, we knew our customers would feel at ease.” - Sean Brasher, Sr Director Web Technology