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DXC Technology chooses DQM for ease of use, meaningful reports and improved SEO

When industry-leading IT service provider DXC Technology wanted an easy-to-use platform to help eliminate website errors, manage compliance and boost SEO, DQM was the solution.

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User-friendly platform increased editor buy-in and streamlined quality assurance

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Improved SEO scores site-wide

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Reduced risk of brand damaging errors impacting customers on the site

How Crownpeak’s Solution Helped DXC Technology

The challenge

With over 23,000 pages and 10,000 files, DXC Technology's website is complex to say the least. Add 300 content contributors into the mix, and the web management team has quite a challenge on its hands. Christopher Marin, Senior Manager, dxc.technology says: "When you have that volume of content, errors and sub-optimized pages are a major concern. It's not the sort of task that you can handle manually."

DXC Technology already had a tool to help with site accuracy and compliance. There was just one problem: it was difficult to use. Since many contributors had only part-time responsibility for web content and no time to learn to use the tool, uptake was low. DXC Technology decided to replace it with a solution that would cover the same crucial areas with better usability.

Additionally, the company wanted to increase awareness of SEO and streamline its reporting to express online successes in tangible terms.

The solution

Usability was crucial in the vendor selection process. Marin says: "The first thing that stood out about Crownpeak DQM was the user interface. From the first demo it was really clear and straightforward."

DXC Technology was also impressed by the way DQM's features matched the company's strategies: "Something that really sets DQM apart is the Content Insight report. The way it integrates with semantic technologies is very much in line with some of our own internal initiatives," says Marin.

DQM provided DXC Technology with an interface that mirrored the company's internal structure. Marin says: "We have a distributed content model. Everything is divided by teams that cover geos, horizontals and verticals and our CMS and reporting mechanisms are all split that way. Having DQM set up to mirror that really helps."

The DQM team's helpful approach also impressed: "Our distributed content model is somewhat unusual, but DQM handled it well. We're constantly adding and removing sections on the site and we've found that this service is able to keep up with a very dynamic environment."

The benefits

With DQM in place, DXC Technology has experienced a number of benefits.

Improved SEO

Using DQM, DXC Technology was able to identify areas for improvement which could be fixed by amending central templates. This led to a distinct improvement in SEO scores across the site. The DQM dashboard has also helped raise the profile of SEO among editors.

"DQM’s scoring system has helped make SEO issues more tangible,” said Marin.  “Displaying the score in a prominent location helps a lot: if a team's score is suddenly lower than expected, that prompts them to investigate and the process of doing that expands their overall knowledge of the practice."

Ease of use

Marin says: "Because DQM is so user-friendly, we've found that the number of active users is dramatically higher than with our previous tool. If you have a large, complex website, you need a tool like DQM. It's not possible to operate it optimally without that. Yes, you can employ 100 people to check every page every day but the most rational approach is to employ a service like DQM.”

Brand protection

DXC Technology no longer has to worry about website errors affecting prospective customers. Marin says: "DQM pinpoints errors that aren't necessarily obvious when you're clicking around the site – that is what we're buying here. It's about peace of mind.”

Simplified reporting

DXC Technology uses benchmarking scores in its monthly reports. Marin says: "Some of the things we measure can seem quite vague. DQM boils it down to one number, making issues like Accessibility and SEO more meaningful to senior management."

Editor motivation

Marin says: "The benchmark scores have been great for our editors – it's spurred some healthy competition between the groups. If they notice that they've risen or fallen in the ranks in terms of SEO or Usability, it motivates them. DQM also helps with proactivity - a lot of editors also use the DQM "Page Checker" tool to validate pages as they work to avoid errors."

Working with Crownpeak

"Crownpeak really put in extra effort to schedule a wide variety of training times to accommodate colleagues in different time zones, “ said Marin. “They also sat in on some of our monthly calls – the whole implementation process went as smoothly as expected."

What’s next?

The team at DXC Technology is now gearing up for a redesign. Marin says: "We'll be introducing new tools and services to the website and scaling down the number of pages we have. As we start shifting and trimming content there's potential for all sorts of errors to creep in, so DQM will be really helpful for managing that process."

The team is also keen to do more with analytics: "One of the things we'd like to try is correlating the scores with the actions on our site. For example, we'd like to see if there's a correlation between SEO scores or usability and lead generation."

”If you have a large, complex website, you need a tool like DQM. It's not possible to operate it optimally without that. Yes, you can employ 100 people to check every page every day but the most rational approach is to employ a service like DQM.”

Christopher Marin | Senior Manager | DXC.technology