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Combined Insurance is a subsidiary of Chubb, the world's largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company

Combined Insurance needed a unified look for their global sites that would empower the marketing team to easily create and manage content.

Increase in traffic

Within a few months of launch, the site experienced more visitors

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Customer access

Customers gained easier access to the policy portal enabling them to file claims online

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Agent access

The new site enabled agents to more easily get access to the agent portal

How Crownpeak’s Solution Helped Chubb


Combined Insurance is part of Chubb, a global leader in insurance and reinsurance.

The Combined Insurance team’s mission was to centralize all web operations, including web content management, hosting and content optimization for all international offices. This new strategy was intended to enable all of the offices to manage their own web content, while maintaining a central brand and content consistency.

The challenge

Previous to Crownpeak, Combined Insurance was utilizing their interactive agency for all design and technology updates to their digital touchpoints. Some of the challenges they faced included:

  • Time consuming and costly process for making simple content updates to their global websites.
  • No workflow or centralized repository for content –updates were ad hoc and managed through email threads.
  • Any changes in the websites’ look and feel took weeks to update and required custom coding.
  • Expensive and unwieldy website hosting for all international sites.
  • No centralization, or even management, of international websites.

The solution

Combined Insurance chose the Crownpeak DXM platform to meet these challenges. The Crownpeak CMS was implemented in conjunction with the new website design created by Combined Insurance’s digital agency.

This new implementation featured:

  • Complete templates and centralized CMS implementation for 7 Global offices.
  • Content templates and layouts for the site were developed with the idea of creating re-usable content components.
  • The ability to optimize content for targeting and personalizing to different audiences.
  • A new web hosting environment centralized web operations to maximize availability and redundancy, while also providing the security and disaster recovery that Combined Insurance required.

The benefits

Upon implementation, content could immediately be managed by individual global offices, while the brand consistency and use of digital assets could be governed by the main office to ensure branding and content consistency.

Within a few months of launch:

  • 105% increase in site traffic.
  • Customers gained easier access into the policy portal making it easier to file claims or get more information.
  • The Looking for a Career section started to attract new prospective employees, providing a new channel for Combined Insurance to attract talent.
  • The new site provided a more intuitive way for Agents to get access to the Agent Portal.
  • Marketing experienced an unprecedented improvement in ease of use, speed and consistency for all websites in the Combined Insurance family.
  • Rolling out new country web sites became extraordinarily easy.

Since then, Chubb as a whole has expanded their use of Crownpeak as the standard Digital Experience Management solution across the entire company.

"We’re extraordinarily pleased with our new Web content management process and how Crownpeak has helped us to meet our new objectives. I’m especially pleased with how we’ve been able to centralize all of our Web content operations, and make it so much easier for us to contribute to the site. We now have the ability to continually improve the user experience and generate better results."

Deb O'Connor | Vice President, Brand Strategy and Lead Generation | Combined Insurance (a Chubb Company)