Introducing the New Crownpeak Support Community

By Customer Success Managers
May 18, 2016

The support community is a user portal that makes creating and monitoring cases easier and more efficient.

Powered by Salesforce, it allows you to track yours and others tickets. It provides access to reports to track the entitlements available in your support plan and status updates by email. The portal also allows Customer Success a 360 view to serve you better by accessing all of our team’s activity as it happens.

With this update, the customer facing platforms for Digital Experience and Digital Quality Management are integrated and streamlined.

Most importantly, the new portal sets the stage for improvements throughout the year, including

  • An Ideas exchange for the customer community to share and vote on product features to add to the roadmap
  • A Knowledge base for Customer success and support to share best practices and answers to commonly asked questions
  • Eventual elimination of mail-to-case to enhance point of contact communication, remove case confusion and improve communication overall.

More information is available in the Community Release Note.

Watch the webinar video to see a demo of the steps below.

What's in this Document


  • How to Self Register
  • How to Create a Case
  • What to Expect When Submitting an Urgent Case
  • Reviewing Cases
  • Support plans and Entitlements

How to Self Register

Customers are able to self-register for the community by using the sign-up link on the login page or by submitting a via mail-to-case. Please note, we may elect to disable this feature at some point. Here are the steps to register from the community site.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to


  1. Select the Sign up link at the bottom the login box
  2. Enter required information including First name, Last name, and Email address.

  1. You should immediately receive a confirmation email with a link to set up your password. If you do not receive an email, contact to reset.
  2. When registering, you are automatically linked to your company account. For users with access to multiple customers (such as agencies), you will be linked to the generic Crownpeak account.
  3. Once you are logged in, you see a list of your most recently viewed cases.


How to Create a Case

Here are the typical steps to enter a case in Crownpeak Support Community.

  1. Log into Crownpeak Community:
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to
  3. Login with your username and password
  4. From the cases tab click on Create New Case.

  1. Select the appropriate Case Record Type from the first screen and select continue. For most cases, you will use ‘Standard Support Case’. For cases that have unique fields we have created alternate case record types. See case record types in Figure 4.

Record Type Name


Hosting - Create CSR

Request to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to facilitate ordering a SSL Certificate.

Hosting - Install SSL Certificate

Configure & Install a SSL Certificate for the site designated, including setup for all applicable load balancers & web servers.

Hosting - Site Setup

Setup a new website for the applicable hosting stack, including creation of temporary private domains as well as configuration of CMS for publishing.

Hosting - User Access Required

Setup of 401 user account for website access as designated for the hosting environment.

Standard Support Case

Select this option to open a standard support case.

Figure 4. Case Record Description

  1. Enter the value for all of the required fields and any other pertinent information in the description. For urgent cases, set Priority to Urgent. Type field helps facilitate routing of the case (Hosting, CMS, Search, WCO, DQM).

  1. Once all information is complete, click on Submit. If there are attachments that should be included click on Submit & Add Attachment.

    Name, Priority, Type, Component, Subject, Description, Site/URL are all required fields to submit.

    If you are a user with access to more than one account, enter the account name as well. You will select from a list of the accounts you have access to.

  2. View the details of your case including ongoing status by clicking on Cases, selecting ‘My Cases’ from the view dropdown and selecting “Go!”.

Reviewing Cases

From the Cases tab, you view your own cases or view cases for the entire account by selecting options from them the View dropdown

Based on permissions, use All cases to see all open cases in your account(s)

All users can see --

My cases, for all cases you have ever open

My open cases, for all currently active cases

Recently viewed cases, which is the default view

What to Expect When Submitting an Urgent Case

As noted, for urgent cases such as the platform is inaccessible, your public facing website is down or a critical feature is unavailable, you can set the priority to urgent. When set to urgent, support staff will receive a page.

Depending on your support plan, you should expect different response times.







Production environment down, public website down or a critical feature/function unavailable

4 Hours

2 Hours

1 Hours

Details on each type of case are available in page 3 the Support Plan datasheet.


Support plans and Entitlements

The Platform, Premier and Elite support plans entitle you to a certain number of support cases each month.

You can also purchase an Annual Absolute Services retainer for projects to support on-going maintenance and growth.

To keep track of entitlements and hours, you can view reports by selecting the Entitlement tab.

  1. Select the support plan or ABS project to view the current usage report
  2. For Support plans
    1. You can see information on non-billable entitlements like platform issues and potentially billable entitlements like platform issues and platform service requests
    2. You can track the number of cases and total time spent for all entitlements. Once you reach the number of the entitled platform issue and services requests included in your support plan, you can also keep track of the billable time spent.

  1. For ABS projects
    1. You can track available hours, those tracked to services or support and the billable support and project hours.

  1. Overages are totaled and show for separately for ABS and support


For more information on Support plans and Absolute services, check the Support Oveview or contact Customer Success at

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