WCO Targeting Options

Targeting Options Overview

For the purpose of personalization and content targeting, CrownPeak Web Content Optimizer (WCO) provides a number of options for defining Target groups.

Target groups provide the ability to create a number of rules that can be combined to trigger the display of a WCO snippet.

These rules are organized into four categories

  1. Ambient:  Data that is readily available and can be used to target anonymous users
  2. Form:  Data collected from forms can be used for targeting purposes throughout the site
  3. Behavioral: Data of Views and Conversions collected throughout the user’s experience on the site tracking their interactions and interests
  4. Integration:  Data from third party sources or customer backend can be used to personalize the  web site experience


In order to make use of Targeting groups, users must create a WCO snippet and select or setup a group.  This document does not include steps to create a snippet. It only describes Targeting group options.


Configuring Targeting Groups

Users can configure Targeting groups when creating snippets or follow these steps to create groups to choose from

  • Within WCO click on [Settings] [Global Settings]
  • Click on [Manage Target Groups]
  • Click on [Create Targeting Group]
  • Enter an appropriate group name
  • Select your data options
    • Ambient
    • Form
    • Behavioral
    • Integrations
  • Follow options and add rules
  • Save Targeting group

Ambient Data Rules Options

Use ambient data rules to target content to users based on things you always know about them:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Referrer
  • Keyword
  • Platform (desktop, mobile)
  • Browser
  • Geolocation


Time of day















Geo Location

You can target content based on someone's physical location, determined by their IP address.




Form Data Rules Options

Form data includes any data users have submitted via WCO-enabled forms or landing pages on your site. Use Form data rules to target based on things like state, name, company, position, and any other demographic data you are collecting.


Form Field and Querystring Parameter Value




Behavioral Data Rules Options

Behavioral data rules lets you target based on content users have seen or interacted with. Set your targeting rules based on Snippet views, conversions, or specific link clicks. You can combine Behavioral rules together to create complex sequences too.




Integration Data Rules Options

If you have set up the relevant connector, you can target content to users based on data available from third-party systems like Demandbase and Marketo, illustrated below.

The availability of connectors depends on your instance’s configuration.   Contact CrownPeak Support to enable the appropriate connectors to your application.




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