CDC Add-In for Visual Studio

By Customer Success Managers
April 20, 2015

July 2014: CDC Add-In for Visual Studio

This month starts a series of developer-focused updates. We begin with the Crownpeak Desktop Connection (CDC) add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Click the CDC for Visual Studio link and press the Download button.

We start the process by installing the Visual Studio Add-In.

Follow the defaults steps to complete the installation process.

Next open Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012, or 2013.

Notice a new toolbar with 5 icons .

Next, we will setup the CMS instance we want to connect to .

The Crownpeak Desktop Connector Window give us access to all of the assets and templates in the CMS.

The Crownpeak System Variables Window give us access to all of the local variables CMS.

Debugging integration now in Visual Studio. Select an Asset, and select an associated output template file.

Let's set a break point and run the solution.

Inspect the value of variables while tracing through the code.

Step Over and Step Into source code with the Visual Studio F10 & F11 function keys.

All of the CMS methods are available as part of the MS IntelliSense feature.

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