Internals & Partners

By Customer Success Managers
April 18, 2015

Plan & Support

Internals and Partners are responsible for onboarding clients by planning and delivering projects within Crownpeak standards. Internals and Partners should have completed the other 4 tracks before starting this one.

After completing this track, internals and partners will understand:

  • The New User Experience
  • The Administrator Experience
  • The Developer Experience
  • The Content Author Experience
  • Where to locate various reference and support documents

Internal and Partner Track

Need to Know

- The New User experience
- The Administrator experience
- The Developer experience
- The Content Author experience

Nice to Know

Best Practices and Solutions
Enablement Sample Site

Project Planning
- Project Planning PDF
- Project Planning WMV"
Certification Audits & Project Reviews
- Project Checklist and Audit Form - Developer Certification
- Project Checklist and Audit Form - Partner Certification

Where to Go

Sample Proj Info Doc - Update
Template - Support Transition
Template - UAT Agenda
Template - Welcome to Support Guide
Template - Proj Inf Doc v2
Partner & Crownpeak Responsibilities

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