By Customer Success Managers
April 18, 2015

Configure & Develop

After completing this track, developers will understand:

  • How to develop configuration requirements for Crownpeak
  • Where to locate system reference guides and code samples

Developer Track

Need to Know
Introduction to Crownpeak
- Installation (Developers)
- Overview UI
- Content Creation for Developers
- Terminology
o Crownpeak
o Publishing
o Developers
- Resources"
Developer Training Guide
1 - Overview
2 - Input Configuration
3 - Output Configuration
4 - Rules Configuration
5 - Validate Configuration
6 - Model Configuration
[Company Name] Training Instance
Connect Forums
Desktop Connection
Crownpeak API
Crownpeak Desktop Connection (CDC)
CMS Construction Overview
Development Common Actions & Activities

Nice to Know
Classic API developers
- Reference Guides
Training Exercises
- Self-directed Exercises
- Advanced Exercises - Widgets"
Transition Guides
- Moving Templates into Prod
- Porting and Existing CMS to C#
- VBScript to CD Transition Guide"
- Crownpeak Search Guide
- Search Tag Reference"

Where to Go
Best Practices

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