Content Author

By Customer Success Managers
April 18, 2015

Create & Edit

After completing this track, authors will understand:

  • How to use Branching to modify live content
  • What reports are available
  • How to use assets
  • Workflow and publishing
  • How to use the WYSIWYG editor
  • How to locate additional docs & videos

Content Author Track

Need to Know

Introduction to Crownpeak
- Installation (Basic)
- Overview UI
- Content Creation for Authors
- Terminology
o Crownpeak
o Publishing
- Resources"
Uploading Assets
Workflow and Publishing
Enhanced Preview Experience

Nice to Know

Content Authoring Videos
- Editing Simple Text
- WYSIWYG Editing
- Editing Multi Media Files
- Publishing Content
- User Management
- Affecting Social Media
- Mobile Preview
- Multi Variant Testing
- Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Where to Go

Best Practices and Solutions

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