Training Instance

By Customer Success Managers
April 14, 2015

Current Training Instance

The current training instance is

Contact for access.

On the current training instance you'll find assets that demonstrate many features available in the CrownPeak CMS. When working with code examples on the instance, there are areas in which you'll only have permission to view and copy assets. Often this will be sufficient to follow along with Playbooks and Example documents.

To complete exercises on the training instance that require modification of assets, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Go to /SiteBuilder Tool/ in cms/TrainingAndDemos
  2. Go to /Site Builder Tool/Build Site
  3. Select New > Build Site.  Give it a name you will recognize
  4. Configure with these settings 
  5. Select Build Site on Save and  Save
  6. Select your the asset you just created.  Right Click and select Workflow > Publish
  7. Check progress by looking at the preview. Details are available in Reports > Audit > System
  8. Go to root folder to find your intro site

How to configure publishing

  1. Select the site root.  If you follow the instruction above, it will be called Introduction Site and have the following icon
  2. Select Properties > Publishing in the right rail and select the packages and set the path to /{your initials}/.  The configuration should look something like this when saved
  3. Confirm publishing by selecting the Index asset.  The publishing properties should look like this.  The publishing settings should be inherited from the site root.  There should be links for dev, stage and live sites
  4. Route to Live and publish the entire site (more detail needed?)

Known issues

  1. Asset model will not be copied over. Copy from the /System/Models/Basis/Asset folder

Available Examples

CSS Slurper
Data Import & Export Samples
Decoupled Architecture & MVC
Dynamic Content
Google Analytics
HTTP Import
Marketing Microsites
Patterns POC
SAMPLE Pharmaceutical
SearchG2 Spatial Search
Services Library Samples
Training Exercises/Pharmaceutical Basic
Training Exercises/WCO

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