Add the Google Analytics widget to your dashboard

By Denise Duncan
April 30, 2015

Monitor Google analytics data from your dashboard. This can be configured for as many analytics account profiles as needed to give your team visibility to this data without having to provide account access.

Follow the steps below to configure Google Analytics Dashboard widget.

Configure Connector

  1. Navigate to [Settings] [Configuration] [Connectors] and click Add Account

  2. Choose the Google Analytics Connector and configure

    1. Enter login and password to sign into your Google account

    2. Accept the integration and copy the code as directed

    3. Once you save the code, you will select the Google Analytics account profile to display

    4. Save the connector and you will see it in the list of connected accounts

Configure Dashboard Widget

  1. Select a dashboard or create a new one to add this widget to

  2. Go to Add Widget and select Google Analytics  

  3. In your new widget, click the Settings icon to choose the connector

  4. Save and see information on visits, pageviews, time on page and bounce rate for the past month

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