March Madness
Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak April 09, 2018

March Web Content Management SaaSness - Round 2 Results

Find Out What Brands Need Most to Deliver Exceptional Digital Experiences

The results of the second round are in, and we’re down to only 4 teams going into the final competition.



6-Legal and brand compliance

With sixth seed Legal and Brand Compliance taking all the glory against top seed Personalization, it’ s shocking how tight the final score of this match-up was. Although Personalization squeaked by with 52% of the vote, the team’s panic was palpable until the end.

4-Multisite Management



Red hot SEO seems determined to make it to the final dance, showing toughness and fortitude while taking down Multisite Management seizing 65% of fan support. The power of organic website traffic is likely to continue its domination through the rest of the tourney.

1-SaaS Web Content Management (WCM)


3-99.99% Uptime

Definitely the biggest upset of the tournament, 99.99% Uptime beat out SaaS WCM with 75% of the votes in round two. Apparently, an unavailable website is a non-negotiable feature that looks capable of smothering any feature that stands in its way.

4-Rapid deployment


2-Cyber Security

Securing 65% of the vote, Cybersecurity beat out Rapid Deployment with a comfortable lead, reminding everyone that hacks and threats to customer data can’t be underestimated. It looks like this one will go down fighting if it doesn’t take the title.

That wraps up the results of round two. We’re going into the final round here, folks so cast your votes and let’s see who will take home the trophy for the most critical feature brands need deliver digital experiences.