March Madness
Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak April 02, 2018

March Web Content Management SaaSness - Round 1 Results

Find Out What Brands Need Most to Deliver Exceptional Digital Experiences

The results of the first round have been tallied and the field has narrowed to 8 teams vying for victory, as Marketing and IT battle it out for the most critical WCM feature needed to deliver digital experiences.

Marketing Region Round 1 Results:



8-Social media

It should come as no surprise that the top seed in the marketing region, Personalization gave Social Media a beating with 80% of the fans voting for this match-up’s winner. With users demanding more relevant content based on their interests, few were shocked by what ended up being a rather humiliating blowout.



7-AB Testing / Optimization

No surprise here, as the surefire second seed SEO slaughtered A/B Testing and Optimization, raking in 80% of the votes. While Testing and Optimization is a must for increasing conversions, a website that doesn’t rank organically in search is well…uh, sort of pointless, right?



6-Legal and brand compliance

With Legal/Brand Compliance barely squeaking by with 53% of the vote against Accessibility, the hard-fought contest was a hard pill to swallow for marketers that prioritize the importance of promoting an all-inclusive experience.

4-Multisite Management


5-Privacy Consent

By the skin of their teeth, with 53% of the vote, Multisite Management has edged Privacy Consent out of the tourney. Guess it turns out that managing all your websites from a single platform can’t be easily beat, even by a feature as valiant as privacy consent.

IT Region Round 1 Match-Ups

1-SaaS Web Content Management (WCM)



SaaS WCM lit up Search, greedily taking 72% of the vote and sending its opponent home on the next flight. A big reason for SaaS WCM’s landslide win? Automatic upgrades that require no dev time or resources.

2-Cyber Security


7-Tag Management

Fearless Cyber Security took no prisoners as it faced-off against Tag Management, pulling in 82% of the votes, reminding everyone that DDoS and other crippling attacks pose a fearsome threat to user privacy and brand reputation.

4-Rapid deployment



In another tight match that was anyone’s game, tenacious and scrappy Rapid Deployment inched out Integrations earning 53% of the vote. Given the paramount importance of being agile, the win was embraced by fans almost everywhere.

3-99.99% uptime


6-Flexible architecture

While Flexible Architecture did a decent job defending itself early on, it couldn’t find a way to stave off the obvious benefit of a site with 99.99% Uptime. In the end, 99.99% Uptime racked up 60% of the vote arrogantly chanting “four nines” as they swaggered off the court.

Who will be crowned as WCM’s #1 feature needed to deliver dazzling digital experiences? Keep following our updates to find out, and make sure you cast your vote on the next round of match-ups!