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Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak January 11, 2017

Finding Alignment: How Marketing & IT Can Agree About Global WCM

WCM Essential FeaturesThe beginning of the year is a natural time to embark on transformational projects like relaunching a brand or re-platforming your global digital presence. Besides a renewed openness to embracing fresh ideas and emerging technologies, for companies operating on a calendar year, there’s an enticing new budget.

With mounting pressure to better address the needs of today’s always-connected, increasingly demanding customer, in 2017 many companies will look to replace their old WCM systems in favor of new, more adaptive platforms.

Any decision in an organization that requires approval from multiple departments can be a frustrating, taxing process that often results in one or more parties feeling like they got the short end of the stick.

Finding a replacement for your existing WCM is no exception, where both the very different priorities of a marketing and IT team must be considered and satisfied.

As marketers begin their search for a new solution to replace their WCM, finding alignment with IT early on will make for a smoother process.

Enterprise companies that have complex business needs and archaic databases, may find that a Digital Experience Management platform addresses their needs more completely, and better positions them for the future, an area both departments are likely to rank as important.

Although there will be dozens of features on both departments’ wish lists, we’ve compiled the seven to look for in a new solution, that both marketing and IT will agree are of vital importance.