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Jim Howard Posted by Jim Howard July 23, 2012

SaaS Web Content Management Turns 10

We started this company over 10 years ago. To say we were early in the market for SaaS is a bit of an understatement. When we started out, our customers tended to have limited IT support to get their Web Content Management (WCM) needs met. In other words, the early buyers were customers with few other options. Nonetheless, we had an innovative product, a smart services and support model, and we found great early customers.

We have had an evolving set of competitors over the years. Some disappeared. Some focused on small business and others on the mid-market. Others went vertical. But we have grown rapidly and sharpened our focus to the global enterprise.In the process, we have built relationships with loyal long-term customers, signed up amazing investors who really believe in us, and expanded our team into the most talented group I’ve ever worked with.

So Crownpeak is now the only SaaS WCM delivering at scale for large enterprises.

We are relentlessly focused on never-ending improvement of the service of WCM. Over ten years and tens of millions of investment, we have created a broad base of infrastructure, services and software that make us unique.

We have 24/7 services and support. We have a global partner network with dozens of direct product integrations. We are truly multi-tenant and truly global in scope and scale. We are approaching 4,000 major web sites on the platform (as of Spring 2012). We have the best product UI on the market.

Our architecture is unique because it is the only one on the market that enables hundreds of projects (infinite projects, theoretically) to be implemented simultaneously, which is critical for large global organizations. We have solved the problem of global content distribution so that content is delivered fast around the globe and the CDN is just another pipe in our delivery network.

We offer world-class security and compliance services for customers in regulated industries and we provide redundancy and rigor of process no single-organization implementation of a WCM system could afford. It has taken us over ten years and tens of millions of investment in software, infrastructure and team development to do it.

But we’re not done. I come to work every day pumped about the power of our product and service roadmap and the momentum we have built in the marketplace. I don’t feel like we need adjacent product areas like CRM or e-commerce to have exciting development projects. Our objective remains to create the best WCM product/solution/service ever seen

To achieve greatness, we stay focused on the outcome – agility and innovation for global marketing teams and productivity for IT and eBusiness teams. We are making what was once hard into just-the-basics: reliability, security, scalability, deliverability and compliance. The days of IT building a customized shared service on Vignette, Adobe and Interwoven are at an end. The days of the marketing, IT and eBusiness teams focusing on rolling out projects and delivering new functions that are differentiating for their business are here.

So watch this space for our continued obsession: to build the best WCM ever built. And don’t forget: WCM is a service.