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Jim Howard Posted by Jim Howard June 27, 2012

WCM Is the Hub of Digital Marketing

Web Content Management (WCM) is the hub of digital marketing. It enables the creation and management of websites and the mobile web experience, and is the "feeder" application for customer data flowing into the CRM system. Next generation WCM systems, like ours, enable content to be optimized through testing and targeting functions to improve website conversions.

They also control the content in social media including Facebook, Twitter and the corporate YouTube Channel, as well as translation and content workflows like creative collaboration and approval of campaigns. It acts as the brand and compliance guardian, making sure regions and divisions follow company brand guidelines and comply with regulatory requirements around content and marketing.

Unfortunately, the last generation of WCM products are preventing marketers in large global organizations from being agile and innovative. With the rising demand of better web experiences and IT's requirements for scalability, reliability, compliance and security, marketing can experience a setback without a WCM solution with the proper functionalities that can help them easily launch and control web experiences.

Imagine a global organization where:

  • A new site can be rolled out quickly.
  • An existing site can be changed easily.
  • Testing, targeting and other optimizations are simple and rapid.
  • Content is truly shared by mobile, social and web.
  • Marketing is able to launch and control web properties without overbearing IT.

All of the above are possible with the right WCM, even in large, regulated businesses. And that's what marketing needs to demand. Marketing's ultimate function is to improve awareness and drive revenue, so crippling that function can be detrimental to the company. When digital marketing is somewhat successful, the entire company is somewhat successful. Making marketing highly successful must be a non-negotiable business requirement.