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Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak January 31, 2017

How SaaS WCM Helps Marketers Deliver ROI Faster

Why enterprise companies are leaving their on-premise solutions

Many organizations are not getting the full return they’d like from their digital marketing investments, in large part because they can’t efficiently get content in front of their audience quickly enough to build the ongoing dialogue needed to build the rapport that leads to a sale.

The most common reason is that they’re constrained by their legacy on-premise web content management systems because of how difficult it can be to make even the smallest change. Posting new content, updating images, changing the navigation, creating new pages and personalizing content may all depend on when, or whether IT can find the time.

In fact, some large companies are limited to only doing changes to the website a few times a year, instead of daily. And “daily” is now an absolute business requirement.

The shift to SaaS WCM

The answer more enterprises are turning to is to use Web Content Management (WCM) systems or Digital Experience Management (DXM) platforms that are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.

By being SaaS/Cloud-based, these WCM/DXM solutions enable shortened sales cycles, accelerated time-to-market, enhanced customer experiences, and a faster influx of incremental revenue.  

Some solutions (like Crownpeak) also offer centralized digital governance of their total digital presence, an important advantage in a complex digital environment.

SaaS WCM/DXM aren’t just options for managing digital content; they’re essential tools for surviving in a digital marketing world.

Managing diverse channels and distributed teams via SaaS

Cloud-based WCM and DXM platforms ensure the content and user experience is controlled by marketing. So messaging is current and contextual, even when a marketer is responsible for managing multiple digital touchpoints.

How? They allow greater agility, responsiveness and quality control than onsite legacy systems, and are typically developed to cope with managing a diverse array of digital channels and content formats.

Being Cloud-based, they’re accessible to enterprise teams in widely-divergent locations, as well, while allowing those teams to work collaboratively or independently, as needed, in developing and publishing content quickly. Many can integrate effectively with your existing content creation tools and workflow processes, even if those vary across multiple offices.

For global marketers who need to localize their content, SaaS-based platforms allow customization to local markets while still maintaining centralized oversight and coordination for C-level executives and IT managers.

Some, like Crownpeak, even permit centrally auditing content across your entire digital presence for consistency, errors or local regulatory compliance, using automated digital quality control (DQM) tools.

Improved agility through SaaS WCM solutions

The agility and flexibility of SaaS WCM and DXM expedite the content creation, approval and publishing process, and make real-time marketing possible.

Even marketers who don’t prioritize personalized, behaviorally-responsive marketing – who may not be integrating their content system with a marketing automation system that reacts to customer actions as they browse a website, for example -- still realize competitive benefits from these platforms by being able to swiftly react to changing category dynamics or customer demand.

By accelerating how fast a new campaign can reach the market, the benefits come across the board:

  • Faster time-to-market, driving topline growth
  • Expansion of marketing channels
  • Global scalability
  • Optimization of existing projects and campaigns
  • Multi-lingual localization capabilities
  • Mobile content publishing and management
  • Coherent global brand presence and core messaging
  • An improved and consistent lead capture process across the entire enterprise

Although for many enterprise organizations, it takes a culture shift to make the change, companies moving from on-premise systems to SaaS WCM/DXM solutions experience an almost immediate ROI, and are also positioning themselves to be ready to take on tomorrow’s digital content challenges.

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