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Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak August 09, 2016

[Analyst Report] How to Build a Persona-Based Web Strategy

We're excited to share with our readers this Research Brief from SiriusDecisions on persona development. We found it particularly helpful for developing our own web-based persona strategy, which is a core part of our marketing strategy at Crownpeak.

Over the past year, we've placed a greater emphasis on developing a narrative that's aligned with our two key target audiences (Marketing and IT) and more granularly, the segments within them. It's already enabling us to make more educated marketing decisions on not just messaging, but the campaigns we run, and everything in between.

We've always had an idea of who our customers are (as you probably do too), but until we began the process of formalizing our personas, mapping out the buyer's journey for each one of them, and integrating them into our core marketing strategy, we were leaving money on the table. Meaning we could have been using the insights we had in far more fruitful ways.

Most marketers have an idea who their audience is. They can even list attributes beyond demographics. But in most cases, the information lives in their heads and isn't documented, or if it is documented, its full potential isn't being realized.

This Research Brief, "Persona-based web strategy: Key success factors" from SiriusDecisions, was written with the intent of helping companies create a foundation for not just developing personas, but putting them to work. The paper provides a guide on how to think about personas in the greater context of your customers' pain points and how to personalize digital experiences in ways that mean something to them.

Whether you're just getting started with persona development, or you're knee-deep in refining your content based on where they are in the customer journey, this report from SiriusDecisions offers a useful roadmap that can help take your strategy to the next level.