The New Crownpeak Community
Denise Duncan Posted by Denise Duncan June 06, 2019

The New Crownpeak Community

We've just made a big change to training and support that I'm excited to share with you. We've known for a while that we needed a true community hub for our customers, partners, and developers - a place where everyone can find the information and support to get the most out of our tools.

As great as our product support and customer success teams are, when we spoke to customers and looked at feedback, people consistently asked for ways to help themselves.

To address this need, we launched the Crownpeak Community in May!

You might say "what took you so long!?" and I wouldn't blame you. But I think the time we took shows with the community site we've unveiled. Please visit!

Let's highlight four reasons why you should check out the community and register:

1) You have questions

You have questions about what to expect when uploading images in the CMS, or some implementation you need to complete with UCP and GTM, or how to request new checkpoints. Or about other topics to get the most out of Digital Experience Management (DXM), Digital Quality Management (DQM), or Digital Governance (DG). The Community is the first place to look. There is a board for each product so you can ask other users. There are also training videos and knowledge base articles from our product support teams. There's a good chance you'll find your answer.

2) You need product support

We recognize that sometimes discussions and articles are not the types of answers you need. When you need site support, access, or configuration updates, you can contact product support. To reach them, create a case by highlighting Training & Support in the top navigation, then select My Case Portal from the Case Management section. If you don't see the Case Management section, you'll just need to request case portal access with this form .

3) You need training

If you are looking for step-by-step instructions, there are training videos and guides available for every product. Most videos also include the transcript so you can follow along. If you don't find the training you are looking for, please contact us in the Community Feedback section so we can make a recommendation or add new training to our queue of community improvements.

4) You are a developer

Over the years, developers working with Crownpeak tools have been the most vocal about a community. We've heard from our template developers, developers doing DQ integrations with CMSes, and Javascript developers detangling front-end consent integrations about the need for a place to communicate with others. So we've introduced a discussion board just for developers . We've made it easier to find information about hosting and APIs with the dedicated section. And this is only the beginning! Please join us there to get the developer discussion started and help us shape the experience you need.

This really is just the start of what we hope to be a thriving, mutually beneficial community. We have so many plans for the future on top of the ton (thank you!) of feedback from Crownpeak employees, the beta team, and customers who have already joined.

In the next few months, we'll launch Ideas discussions where you can share and vote on product ideas, a dedicated section for our partners, and other ways to connect with the Crownpeak team. Let us know what you think and we'll see you in the Crownpeak Community!