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jason breed Posted by Jason Breed November 20, 2019

Digital asset management and deploying rich media campaigns at scale

Our customers use the Crownpeak platform to push past boundaries when creating unique experiences, delivering campaigns quickly and improving efficiency of resources along the way. Increasingly, these experiences are expressed through rich media including images, videos, audio, presentations, and more. Keeping pace with the digital experiences of today becomes exponentially more difficult when you implement personalization and 1-to-1 marketing strategies.

Deploying rich media campaigns at scale leaves teams struggling through tens of thousands of digital assets. We don’t have to remind anyone that resizing and remembering to tag assets appropriately is an arduous and slow task for teams looking to move quickly. In addition to moving quickly, organizations want to protect and manage their branding, which includes keeping certain assets protected from over exposure.

One value of Crownpeak is the ability to interconnect the tools your team needs and is comfortable with to get the job done. Crownpeak comes with built-in asset management capabilities, but many customers also choose to take advantage of more advanced functionality found in standalone digital asset management solutions. To help, we are launching a complete connector into a leading DAM, Bynder. This connector makes using Bynder alongside Crownpeak as simple as logging into the platform.

Digital asset management (DAM) is becoming a key component in a marketing tech stack where security is a top priority of a company. By having a DAM in place, companies can ensure that their assets are shared with the right people and right audiences while also knowing they remain on a secure platform.

What is Digital Asset Management?

A secure digital asset management (DAM) software allows you to restrict or grant access based on the following capabilities:

  • How long do you want the assets accessible?
  • Who should have access?
  • Who can edit the metadata?
  • Who can log into the DAM?

About Bynder

bynder logoWhen it comes to sharing digital assets, organizations should feel confident that their data and files are safe. That is why Crownpeak is excited to announce this strategic partnership with Bynder. Bynder is the fastest growing DAM solution helping some of the world’s most successful organizations to create, share, and organize the full lifecycle of their digital content in the cloud. Together we’re ensuring our customers have the most secure technology platforms integrated and needed to create a modern integrated digital experience.

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