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Jim Howard Posted by Jim Howard February 11, 2014

Acquity Group (Accenture) Video Highlights Partnership

At Crownpeak, we recognize that our partners have played a critical role in both our success and that of our customers. Acquity Group, a long time partner of Crownpeak and now part of Accenture Interactive, recently produced a video highlighting the unique value we bring to our joint customers.

"Our customers today are coming to us for solutions that are much more agile than they used to be...Working with Crownpeak, the difference is we now can address an agile web content management solution. And more than just web content management, but a digital marketing solution." - Stephen Bernstein, Vice President, Acquity Group

I want express how excited we are that Acquity Group has developed a practice around Crownpeak and how, like our other key partners, they are creating code in the process of project implementation that we are able to incorporate into our library of integrations in our marketplace.