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GDPR checklist for digital experience management platforms in 2019
May 7, 2019
What should brands look for when choosing such a solution? A six-point checklist to help brands achieve marketing goals in the privacy and compliance age.
Posted by Ian Lowe
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Webinar Recap: The Top 8 Things You Need to Know About the CCPA
April 22, 2019
The California Consumer Privacy Act will cause shake-ups in how companies manage data privacy.
Posted by Ian Lowe
The CCPA and GDPR: Are they obstacles or opportunities?
April 10, 2019
How does the CCPA compare to the GDPR in terms of its impact on digital marketers? And what’s the real opportunity it presents for deeper consumer engagement?
Posted by Crownpeak
7 Tips to improve seo banner
Rank Higher on Google with these 7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Technical SEO
November 27, 2018
Follow these 7 easy SEO tips to improve your Google rankings.
Posted by Carol Mendelsohn
Estuardo Ustaran Talk
The Future of Digital Privacy and Its Potentially Grave Impact
October 12, 2018
A couple of weeks ago, leading UK-based privacy and internet lawyer, Estuardo Ustaran, presented his perspective on the future of digital privacy to a group of Crownpeak customers at our annual Empower event in New York City. His talk was so well-received and thought-provoking, we wanted to share it with a broader audience.
Posted by Crownpeak
DAAC Summit 2018
Jedis and Lightsabers: Using Star Wars to Distill Learnings from the DAAC’s Inaugural Summit
October 2, 2018
On a bright and crisp Toronto morning, I sat down at the first Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada’s Summit to hear…a keynote address on Star Wars? I thought I wasn’t in the right galaxy for a minute or two, until I realized it was Peter Kosmala (of DataXu) kicking off the Summit with a convincing argument that Canada is A New Hope for all things privacy.
Posted by Audrey Trainor
British Airlines Data Breach
Behind the British Airways Data Breach: Poor Digital Governance?
September 12, 2018
Another day, another data breach. British Airways recently announced that 380,000 customer financial records had been stolen by malicious actors through their mobile and desktop sites. It seems data breaches like these have become a regular part of our lives and a common headline in our daily newsfeeds.
Posted by Gabe Morazan
Designing for Governance
Designing for Governance by Mirum
June 15, 2018
The digital environment is in perpetual motion. Whether it’s the changing devices your customers are using, their need for timely information, or growing expectations of digital experiences, organizations are under intense pressure to continually adapt their digital touchpoints to maintain a competitive edge. But how do you preserve the integrity of your brand and ensure your business imperatives don’t get lost amidst the constant reinvention?
Posted by Crownpeak
Privacy By Design
‘Privacy by Design’ or How Not to Share your Data with Cambridge Analytica
May 24, 2018
With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) now in effect, privacy is on the radar of customers and marketers like never before. With scandals like Facebook-Cambridge Analytica hitting the headlines, the new legislation is overdue. Marketers can no longer sit on their heels and wait for a third-party data breech to stir them into action.
Posted by Gabe Morazan