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3 Ways Marketing Should Be Using Full-Funnel Reporting
October 7, 2021
Everyone wants to scale Marketing, but doing so without the right data framework in place is a bit like playing roulette with your budget.
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What is a Composable DXP and Why do I Need One
What is a Composable DXP and Why do I Need One?
October 5, 2021
A composable DXP gives marketers just the tools they need to create engaging, market-leading customer experiences, with the agility and flexibility to do it faster and at a lower cost.
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Crownpeak Launches Experience Optimization Engine, Powered by Dynamic Yield
September 14, 2021
Solution Empowers Companies to Create and Deploy Individualized Experiences Across Channels That Boost Engagement and Sales
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Welcome to Crownpeak Delivery Powered by Webscale
September 9, 2021
Crownpeak has partnered with the leading cloud delivery platform, Webscale to offer best-in-class experience delivery with enhanced scalability, security, and insight.
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Building a Better B2B Buyer’s Journey
Building a Better B2B Buyer’s Journey
September 8, 2021
Four key takeaways from Sean Murray’s interview with Crownpeak CMO at the 2021 Gartner® Marketing Symposium/Xpo™
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Crownpeak and Webscale Sign Strategic Partnership
September 1, 2021
Leading Digital Experience Platform Enhances Cloud Delivery for Customers
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The Future is Composable: What Technology and Recruitment Trends Reveal
August 26, 2021
Three key takeaways from our webinar with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Jefferson Frank
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Creating Accessible Web Experiences: It Starts with Cultural Change
August 10, 2021
How Crownpeak's approach to Digital Quality Management (DQM) works to embed accessibility best-practice and simplify the process of creating inclusive, enterprise experiences.
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Selecting Your DXP Vendor: The Importance of B2B Online Software Reviews
August 2, 2021
If you’re considering making the move to a new web CMS or DXP, sifting through the field of potential choices can be a bit overwhelming.
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