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Gabe morazan headshot Posted by Gabe Morazan October 23, 2019

Preparing for the CCPA and the next wave of privacy regulations

Data has been the lifeblood of marketing for some time. The more you know about your prospective customers, the better you can personalize their experiences and target your marketing efforts. What’s not a surprise is that martech platforms, adtech solutions, and data brokers have prospered in this data-hungry environment.

And not unlike the GDPR in Europe, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has forced organizations that collect, share, or sell consumer information to examine their practices and comply with new requirements for responsible data stewardship. Under the CCPA, at the point of data collection, you must share with consumers how you intend to use their personal data and register their consent. Additionally, you must provide consumers a transparent way to request access, deletion, changes, and movement of their personal data as well as opt-out of its sale at any time. Proactive businesses are already considering CCPA a de-facto U.S. privacy law and preparing privacy operations to address all consumer data they touch, not just that of California residents.

Marketers (and anyone responsible for your digital and ecommerce programs) need to be thinking about how your operations need to change and how you communicate your privacy practices with customers. Complying with the CCPA is not just about avoiding penalties. Demonstrating your commitment to data privacy can be a competitive advantage that creates trust and brand equity with customers.

There are definite ramifications for doing nothing or not doing enough to prepare for the CCPA. Join me and Justin Antonipillai, WireWheel CEO, for the webinar “How Marketers Should Prepare for the CCPA and the Next Wave of Privacy Regulations” on October 30th. Justin and I will share best practices and operational guidance you need to know. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to use the CCPA to create trust and brand equity with customers
  • How a commitment to data privacy can be a competitive advantage
  • How to communicate privacy practices to customers
  • Best practices and operational guidance that you need to know

We will also be answering any questions you have in this live webinar.

Join us and register now.

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