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crownpeak flag logo Posted by Carol Mendelsohn January 16, 2019

Crownpeak and Influence Health Renew AWS-Powered Partnership

Over twenty years ago, Influence Health was founded to help healthcare organizations with solutions for attracting, retaining, and building meaningful relationship with patients. Today, Influence Health provides services that extend beyond physical care settings. Among their offerings are a SaaS web content management platform powered by Crownpeak that enables hospitals to manage websites, launch landing pages, micro sites, and mobile sites with no coding required.   

This month, Crownpeak and Influence Health renewed their Amazon Web Services-powered partnership, which started in 2016. At the time, Influence Health sought out a solution that could help them augment their digital marketing capabilities. They already had a strong reputation in the healthcare industry as a leading provider of patient experience solutions, but their legacy system prevented them from evolving into the next phase of digital experience delivery.  

After evaluating different partnership options, Influence Health chose Crownpeak because of its SaaS model, security certifications, and scalability. Because of Influence Health’s involvement in helping healthcare providers manage sensitive online customer data governed by HIIPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), they needed a bulletproof platform that had been vetted by other companies operating in highly regulated industries.  

“There were several differentiators that drew us to Crownpeak, including their existing customer base made up of leading financial Fortune 500 companies. But most of all, we were impressed by their status as an Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner,” explains Pat Kennedy, Director of Product Management of Influence Health. “Everyone knows that Amazon has built their reputation on their security and data protection practices, so when we learned that Crownpeak’s platform was hosted with Amazon, we knew our customers would feel at ease.” 

Fahd Shaaban, Senior Director of Product Leadership at Crownpeak, details the benefits of using a solution built on AWS. “The AWS architecture is extremely flexible and resilient. It provides unparalleled infrastructure, scalability, and reliability needed to power the world’s largest websites.” 

Further sealing the deal was Crownpeak’s ability to offer Influence Health customers the option of 99.99% availability.  

Also, important to Influence Health was Crownpeak’s native SaaS heritage, which meant they’d always be on the latest version of software with access to new features as soon as they became available. Influence Health understood that just because a solution is deployed via the cloud doesn’t mean it’s SaaS.  

“It’s still running in a data center somewhere so when it’s time to upgrade to a newer version, we knew the hassle and expense would fall on us or our customers to cover," explains Pat Kennedy. “Because our customers rely on our expertise to get their websites deployed quickly, we couldn’t risk that manual upgrades would slow us down. With Crownpeak upgrades are automatic, so our customers are always on the latest version.”     

Powered by AWS, Crownpeak’s advanced CMS capabilities, SaaS model, and best-in class security, Influence Health has built dozens of unique experiences for healthcare customers and are now positioned to build dozens more as they renew their partnership.   


About Influence Health: Influence Health provides the healthcare industry’s most comprehensive suite of healthcare consumer experience solutions. The Influence Health platform enables provider organizations to positively influence consumer decision making and health behaviors well beyond the physical care setting through personalized and interactive multi-channel engagement. Since 1996, the Birmingham, AL-based company has helped more than 1,100 provider organizations positively influence consumer relationships in a way that is transformative to financial and quality outcomes.