Crownpeak and Sitecore
Sherrylynn Heise Posted by Sherrylynn Heise November 30, 2017

Digital Quality Management Connector Now Available for Sitecore Experience Platform

We are excited to announce the release of a new integration between Crownpeak Digital Quality Management (DQM) and Sitecore Experience Platform. The connector was built by global digital agency Cognifide, a trusted development partner, in conjunction with Crownpeak resources.

Recognized by industry analysts for its automated error detecting capabilities, DQM helps website managers and content authors ensure the content on their site is effective, consistent, and compliant with best practices and regulations.

Among the specific areas DQM enforces are web accessibility based on WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 guidelines, SEO best practices, brand standards, user experience, as well as global and regional regulations.

The solution can monitor hundreds or thousands of pages on multiple sites across an organization to report on both a standard set of checkpoints, in addition to a customizable set based on the individual company’s needs.

The tight integration with Sitecore Experience Platform places DQM directly into the authoring interface, giving content authors the power to scan pages during the content creation process within seconds to ensure that every checkpoint is met prior to publishing. There is even a feature that makes validating checkpoints a mandatory step in the publishing process, an especially attractive feature for highly regulated companies and decentralized organizations where corporate oversight is essential.

For pages already published, the solution can rapidly scan an entire website in just a few hours to reveal any errors and inconsistencies, so that issues can be remediated quickly and efficiently. There’s also a Page Checker feature which can be used to instantly scan any single page expeditiously.

The best part? DQM is a SaaS solution that can be connected to the Sitecore platform in less than a day, so companies can improve the overall quality of their digital experiences and see a return on their investment almost immediately.

The Crownpeak DQM connector is available for Sitecore version 8.2.