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Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak August 16, 2016

Why Your Website Is Probably Serving Errors Right Now

The case for digital governance

Website Errors

A Web Content Management (WCM) platform or a Content Management System (CMS) is designed to let users publish and manage website content with speed and ease. A good WCM solution works incredibly well at this. But where it fails is at ensuring the quality and consistency of that content.

To engage with consumers, global companies have built digital experiences on multiple platforms in multiple markets. However, they've found that maintaining a consistent brand experience across all those touchpoints, catching errors and guaranteeing compliance with laws and regulations exceeds the capabilities of their WCM.

That's because WCM platforms aren't designed for the job of locating and fixing the very failures they've helped create.

Your policies and standards aren't being enforced

A WCM may do a great job of delivering content to your website. But it can't access that content to check if it meets your digital standards - whether they're for branding, messaging, compliance or otherwise.

This isn't a defect of a WCM platform - it's just not designed for automated quality control. Instead, quality assurance becomes the burden of a company's web editors, often in multiple offices in dozens of markets.

They're tasked with manually screening their content against company policy and guidelines documentation, as well as accessibility rules and local laws.

They also have to catch spelling errors, dead links and other mistakes, while also ensuring compliance of template code, third-party syndicated content, images and dynamic page elements. A lot of work? You bet.

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