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Tom Golden Posted by Tom Golden April 27, 2016

How Digital Quality Management Empowers Your Best

A foundation for best practice

Global websites

Like most businesses, you probably rely on a range of digital platforms and channels to drive sales and maximize profits. This could total dozens or even hundreds of websites in multiple languages, all managed and updated daily by teams of people in globally distributed locations. Ensuring a high quality, standards-compliant customer experience across every digital touchpoint is a major challenge. Every day you firefight issues such as compliance risks, broken links, misspellings, information that's out-of-date or off-brand, and content that isn't optimized for the search engines. How do you take control?

At Crownpeak we work with many of the world's biggest brands to implement effective frameworks for Digital Quality Management, and can claim unrivaled expertise in optimizing complex, enterprise-scale environments. Let me explain how we take their websites and their digital teams to the next level.

Assessing your digital presence

We start with an in-depth assessment of your digital environment. Don't expect a cookie-cutter approach - experience has shown us that every organization's digital ecosystem is unique. By taking the time to understand yours, we are able to gain a deeper understanding of how the nuts connect with the bolts in your operational workflow. Your various CMS types, the employees involved in content implementation, you digital policies and standards - all are configured into your Crownpeak Digital Quality Management profile to ensure our powerful monitoring capabilities are exactly tuned to your needs.

Making it measurable. Making it actionable.

You can't manage what you don't measure. And that's the crux of what we offer our customers - deep, actionable insight into your digital world, where you can see what is occurring across your online properties at any given moment, based upon a set of flexible monitoring criteria.

"The great thing about Crownpeak is that anything that can be measured is measured. This makes progress very visible."

The breadth and depth of Crownpeak's monitoring capabilities is unmatched. The platform comes with an inbuilt library of recommended quality and compliance criteria, and can be fully customized to meet any monitoring or reporting requirement. Let's look at this in some more detail:

A foundation for digital best-practice

Whether you're a global pharmaceutical company, a financial services conglomerate or a government agency, certain best-practice standards for SEO, user experience (UX), or accessibility requirements apply to every organization. At Crownpeak, we provide a comprehensive library of expert-defined standards covering all areas of digital best-practice. The library is continually updated to include the latest technical and legal specifications, so you can have peace of mind that you're meeting the very latest requirements.

Compliance with your unique organizational standards

As most do, it's likely that your company also maintains its own set of standards and compliance-driven policies. One of Crownpeak's unique competencies lies in our ability to completely customize our platform to recognize your unique brand and business rules. Have a brand name that's easily misspelled? Employ company-specific terminology or acronyms? Need to comply with an industry regulation? The Crownpeak platform continuously scans all of your online content to ensure the uniform application of all compliance criteria.

Put simply, if it's important to you, we can monitor it!

Once we complete this custom configuration to align with your content standards, we then review it with your key stakeholders in order to fine-tune every detail. The platform is then released to your users, allowing them to optimize the quality and consistency of their digital content on a daily basis, all while managing risk more effectively.

Empowering your people

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"Hold on," you may be saying to yourself right about now, "This all sounds great, but what about the question of internal adoption? Won't my people look at this solution as one more way management is looking over their shoulders?"

Actually, our experience has shown us that exactly the opposite holds true. The Crownpeak platform serves as a powerful change-agent - empowering employees, enterprise-wide, to embrace the shared goals of digital quality and effectiveness.

I realize that's a big claim, but let me break down how this transformation in your culture can and does happen.

Creating a standards culture

We know from experience that employees are much more disposed to address non-compliant issues if they truly understand why it matters in terms of the greater impact it makes, rather than being told just to "go fix it." What's more, they're inclined to pitch in because it's the right thing to do, not because they might be penalized.

The Crownpeak platform and supporting services come with a sizeable educational component. When an issue is flagged by the platform, that alert also includes guidance on why this compliance issue matters to the organization and how they can make a valuable contribution right away in correcting it. Our technology is also underpinned by regular online training sessions, ensuring your teams have the knowledge they need to perform at their best. That's empowerment, and it works.

"Crownpeak helps us put quality at the center of the publication process. It's the best Digital Quality Management system available."

Driving continuous improvement

At the same time, our solution promotes a culture of continuous improvement for everyone on your digital team.

  • Progress reports enable managers and web editors to track improvements towards their quality and compliance goals at a local, regional and global level.
  • Benchmark reports allow you to compare the performance of the different areas of your digital presence, so you can identify where you're excelling and where you're at risk. Companies love our benchmarking league tables for injecting a spirit of competition between teams, boosting engagement and driving rapid change.
  • What's more, we aggregate all the data across our entire client base of global organizations, comprising thousands of websites and millions of pages, so you can see how your web presence is performing in comparison to your peers'. Great for demonstrating success to senior management, or making the business case for additional budget and resources.
"Using Crownpeak our quality scores have improved and we now outperform many peer-group websites. It's also helped us improve our search engine optimization, contributing to an increase of over three million visits from search engines compared to the previous year."

Making it easy

The platform is designed to integrate directly with the publication workflow, so quality management becomes a seamless part of the publication process. Using our browser-based tools or direct CMS integrations, editors can validate their work with a single click, directly within the publication environment. It's quick and easy – freeing your staff from the burden of manual quality assurance so they can focus on creating great content.

"If you have a large, complex website you need a solution like Crownpeak DQM. Yes, you can employ 100 people to check every page ever day but the most rational approach is to use Crownpeak."

Getting it right online

Overall then, our platform delivers a set of clearly defined and measurable goals that motivate your team to deliver exceptional, high-quality customer experiences, every time. As a result, your digital operations will operate more smoothly, more efficiently, and more profitably as a holistic, highly efficient system. It's an outcome we've helped many companies to achieve in optimizing their digital programs - or as we like to say, "getting it right online.