Designing for Governance
Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak June 15, 2018

Designing for Governance by Mirum

The digital environment is in perpetual motion. Whether it’s the changing devices your customers are using, their need for timely information, or growing expectations of digital experiences, organizations are under intense pressure to continually adapt their digital touchpoints to maintain a competitive edge. But how do you preserve the integrity of your brand and ensure your business imperatives don’t get lost amidst the constant reinvention?

It requires a discipline that’s quickly gaining traction at global organizations: digital governance. Critical for helping businesses to manage and even thrive on change, digital governance at its core is about ensuring control and consistency across your online footprint. In practice, it means establishing a sound and well-communicated framework for roles and responsibilities, so you can minimize errors, eliminate misrepresentations of your brand, settle tactical debates, and focus on delivering solutions.

It’s fundamental to digital experience management’s evolution, which is why the topic took center stage at Crownpeak Empower, our recent user summit in London, where we were delighted to welcome our partner: global design agency, Mirum to provide an agency-perspective on the subject. The thought-provoking talk, given by Simon Webb, Global ECD, and James Huckle, Head of Technology at Mirum, centered on how “Design Systems” - collections of re-usable components and guiding principles - can help governance work better in your organization.