Building Trust in Digital Age
Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak August 10, 2017

Building Trust in the Digital Age

How the Union of Crownpeak and Evidon Helps Brands Build Deeper, More Connected Relationships with Customers

Last week, we announced that through a strategic acquisition, Evidon, the leading tech privacy company, is now part of Crownpeak. Its SaaS-based solutions for consent, monitoring and compliance covering the digital ecosystem will now be part of our product line.

As the dust settles and we begin to work through the logistics of how we’ll combine the two companies, we’re brimming with enthusiasm and anticipation of what this coming together means in the greater context of the digital customer experience.

Our mission has long been to empower enterprise companies to rapidly deliver flawless digital experiences. And up to this point, we’ve done so by providing our customers with not only the leading SaaS web content management system (Crownpeak DXM), but also the industry’s leading automated quality assurance solution, Crownpeak Digital Quality Management.

As recognized by both Gartner and Forrester, this combination has enabled our customers to use a single solution to build, deploy and control the quality of their digital experiences, ensuring their content is effective, discoverable and accessible before it’s published.

Crownpeak is the only Digital Experience Management platform that offers this all-in-one convenience.

Now with the addition of Evidon’s products to our portfolio, we’re able to fill another critical gap by ensuring that those digital experiences are compliant with a growing set of laws and regulations that govern the privacy of data.

As Venus Tamturk astutely puts it in a recent CMSConnected article covering the acquisition, “tomorrow’s survivors will be the ones who empower their customers with their personal information, provide an access to the information they hold about them and are specific on how they use the data.” 

While data privacy has historically been an esoteric subject, it’s something we’re becoming increasingly passionate about, and we’re seeing the same shift in focus from some of the leading-edge companies that use our solutions.

That’s in part due to the looming May 25th deadline for enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies with any fraction of an audience in the EU (even if they are US companies) will soon be under the gun to both disclose how they are storing and utilizing user data, as well as provide users with persistent control and accessibility to their consent preferences. For those that don’t implement this transparency and a well-defined process for handling data, they face fines as high as 20+ million dollars or 4% of annual revenue.

While this presents an obvious business opportunity for us, what gets us the most charged is the foundational belief that the user matters, and should be treated with empathy and respect. The fact that Evidon has developed products that demonstrate these values in a digital age makes us even prouder to welcome them into our family.

By giving customers easy ways to opt-out of being cookied, providing greater transparency into a site or app’s privacy policies, and exposing which third-party companies are mining a customer’s personal data and how it’s being used, Evidon provides essential tools that brands can use to build trust in the digital age.

It is this respect for customer privacy that we believe will ultimately help brands build deeper, more lasting connections with their customers, which is at the heart of what Crownpeak set out to do years ago. It’s why this acquisition made so much sense for us.

Through the addition of Evidon’s products, we’re now not only able to safeguard companies against the financial and legal risks of exposing customer data in ways that violate the law and/or erode trust, we are also helping brands protect the sanctity of the user experience. And that feels good to us, not just from a profitability perspective, but from a human one.