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Jim Howard Posted by Jim Howard March 01, 2013

Crownpeak's SaaS Enables Quick Launch & Multi-Site Projects

1. When a marketer wants to roll out a new web/mobile project in a few weeks:

If there is a pre-designed framework, implemented in a product like Adobe CQ5 (or any of the major WCM tools that support a model or framework approach), a new site can be launched quickly.

But in the case where a new project is not a copy of a rigorously planned model site, but is a…new project – it must be possible to roll out quickly. Failure in this requirement leads marketing teams to buy one-off, orphaned implementations from their agency partners, leading to all of the trouble that entails. Crownpeak's development environment makes it possible for entirely new, completely customized sites to be rolled out in weeks.

2. Enabling many projects at once:

It is a horror show when an organization has a centrally-managed system and can’t allow all of their regions and brands to implement and roll-out their own projects. It forces everybody off of the standard system. But that’s what’s happening at pretty-much every major enterprise. Crownpeak natively allows dozens or even hundreds of projects to be implemented at the same time by independent teams, while still keeping all of the content and assets in a single system, enabling standard integrations with all of the related marketing tools like analytics and email, and keeping control of the brand.