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Crownpeak Logo Posted by Crownpeak May 31, 2016

Choosing the Right Digital Strategy for You

Integrating a strategy into your overall marketing plan

Developing a digital strategy, especially one that is integrated into your overall marketing plan, is a daunting task with infrastructure roadblocks along with way.

It’s no wonder 50% of companies are using digital marketing, but they don't have a plan (Smart Insights and TFM&A).

With buyer behavior and technology evolving rapidly, marketers need not just an approach but tools to execute their vision. 

The artist Fritz Scholder once said that for “most students it was the first strokes that were the hardest. In fact, they almost went catatonic in trying to just put that first piece of paint onto the canvas. And so the thing to do is just attack it.”

The same principle applies to making systemic change in an organization. Transforming your marketing approach from traditional and/or digital to an integrated multi-platform approach requires buy-in from your C-team, which means building a proven business case.

To help marketers put that first stroke on paper in order to move the ball down the field, we’ve joined with SiriusDecisions to provide you with a workbook designed to help busy marketers develop the first draft of a working digital strategy.

This downloadable guide includes:

  • Understanding your customer’s buyer journey.
  • The digital and human touches in each stage of the buying cycle and how they impact a sale.
  • Identifying your company’s offering and purchase complexity and how it influences the buyer’s journey.
  • A 30-second worksheet that will determine your organization’s digital type.
  • How your organization’s digital type dictates the marketing approach you need to be taking.