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casey vick headshot Posted by Casey Vick August 06, 2019

Efficiency: What’s new in The Crownpeak August 2019 Product Release

When Henry Ford introduced the assembly line into his factory and reduced the time required to build a car by 80%, he set us on an irreversible path to complete and utter automation.

While we might be on the cusp of the "bright" future promised by Pixar's WALL-E, there's still human–powered work left to do before we completely disengage our muscles and saturate our minds with whatever what's coming.

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At Crownpeak we are doing our part to make the most of helpful automation, by eliminating one click or keystroke at a time, bringing us to the theme of our August release – efficiency.

Digital Experience Management (DXM)

Efficiency improvement number one – changes being made to one asset can now also be applied to multiple others. Save time and stay happy by not making the same change over and over… and over (and over).

We have also added a progress bar so you know when certain resource–intensive processes are happening. Finally, the standalone version of our personalization engine (WCO) can be accessed in V3. You now have access to full functionality without leaving the page or V3.

workflow screenshot

Option appears when a change is being made to a supported asset type

also applies to

Select additional assets to apply changes to

Digital Quality Management (DQM)

In addition to several performance improvements, we have added SSO capabilities to DQM. If supported by your organization, you can now login using your corporate ID and password. This should help you stay secure and lower time spent recovering forgotten passwords. Contact your customer success manager for more information on how to get started. Like we said, saving you time one click at a time.

Digital Governance (DG)

In the Universal Consent Platform (UCP), we have opened up our consent APIs to give customers more control over the privacy experience. Getting the most out of the traffic you drive to your site starts with great consent experiences, and our new APIs give you complete creative control for them.

For those of you using Google Tag Manager, we are now leveraging Google recipes to let you create and import a file into GTM to automatically build the rules that are needed for prior consent (blocking categories and tags before a consent choice has been given). If you're not using a tag manager, the same file will provide a list of all vendors or categories, making it much easier to gather the information you'll need to build out the prior consent data points. This shortcut will save a ton of time for anyone looking to create new notices with prior consent. For instructions on how to leverage this feature for your organization, check out the blog post, "Google Tag Manager Recipes Bring Ease of Use to Consent Experiences."

consent screen shot

Consent as a Service Application Settings

reporting options

Consent as a Service Reporting Options

And that's a snapshot of some of upgrades we've made across all of our solutions in the August product release. I bet you're feeling more efficient already. To learn more about these and the rest of the changes, see the August 2019 release summary. If you are a visual learner, check out this short webinar to see these features in action. Finally, for a more in–depth look at any of our products, request a demo

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